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Founded by Dr. Timothy Royer, Psy.D. as an offshoot of the already successful company Neurocore, Neurocore Pro specializes in individually customized programming unique to each client by offering a one-on-one, high touch experience outside of a Brain Performance Center. 

Athletics – collegiate, professional and semi-professional – is another aspect of Neurocore Pro. Going beyond heart rate variability (HRV) and neurofeedback training to also include Hormone Testing and Vision testing and training Neurocore Pro is able to help individuals or entire teams, such as the Orlando Magic, to reach performance levels not previously achieved.

Washington Redskins Quarterback, Kirk Cousins, shares his story about how Neurocore has helped him elevate his game to the next level. He started working with Neurocore during his time at Michigan State. His mind along with his physical gifts have allowed him to carry his career into the professional ranks.

Kirk Cousins works with NeurocorePro

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