First, we identify real causes. 
Then we train the brain to fix them.

When you come to one of our Brain Performance Centers, you’ll experience a program based on your individual brain data.
It’s safe, easy, and painless—with no side effects.

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Brain Diagnostics

How well is your brain working? Using advanced qEEG technology, we find out. Sensors are attached to record your brain’s electrical activity. We analyze the data to identify the sources of your symptoms and develop a program focused on your challenge. We build your profile through a variety of methods:

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Brain Performance Training

At a Neurocore Brain Performance Center, our 45-minute neurofeedback and biofeedback sessions take advantage of your brain’s ability to change – its neuroplasticity. With neurofeedback, you watch a movie that plays when your brain speed is within the therapeutic range. When it goes out of range, the movie pauses, providing feedback to the brain that something is out of balance. During the 30-session program, your brain learns how to stay in balance, and brain function may improve. With biofeedback, you learn to breathe deeper and slower to maximize your heart function, allowing proper blood and oxygen flow.

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Neurocore Reviews and Success Stories

Rachele K. - Livonia Center, July 2017

"My daughter was diagnosed with ADHD, ODD, and social anxiety at age 6. We had to begin homeschooling her in first grade because of her inability to adapt to new social situations and her sensitivity to noise... I saw an add in Metro Parent that Neurocore participates with BCBS... I called Neurocore.

...Her ADD symptoms have reduced by about 80%. She's able to focus when needed, and articulate the need for a brain break or other support when necessary. She's slightly less impulsive. The most encouraging part is that she seems more comfortable in general; she's interested in meeting new friends and interacting with others. She still gets upset, but the behavior escalates more slowly, and she is able to calm herself down much more quickly.

Neurocore is easily the easiest medical/behavioral health office I've ever worked with. The staff is proactive, attentive, friendly, and knowledgeable."

Anonymous - Holland Center, July 2017

"[She] had a hard start to life born to a birth parent who was drinking and taking drugs and neglecting her children. She then was abused in a foster home. All of this affected her ability to learn and manage stress. We are looking for ways to help her learn and live a joy filled less anxiety ridden life.

We see [her] writing more easily and interacting with people easier. We have also seen her try to manage her stress in healthier ways. It is great to see her breathing deeply when things are hard and coloring and writing more easily and neatly than before. We love to see her looking people in the eye as they talk. We also see her conversation and thought processes making connections and inferences we didn't see before. We look forward to seeing if school goes better for her this fall.

We are very happy with the care [she] is receiving at Neurocore. We also appreciate the patience shown by the staff to her and care given to accommodate her needs."

Anonymous - Sterling Heights Center, July 2017

"My daughter was struggling with her impulse control and focus. I wanted to find a way to help her find a way to help her prepare for kindergarten.

She is able to calm herself down more quickly and control her anger more easily. She is also going to sleep much easier since she began her treatments. Very kind and friendly staff!"

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  • Neurocore helped me take my game to the next level.
    Kirk Cousins
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