Centers Merging

August 1, 2019

chairs in lobby

Over the past six months we’ve seen significant interest in our Thrive mobile neurofeedback training program. Thrive allows clients to train anywhere they have an internet connection at whatever time best fits their schedule, all without an appointment. Based on the success and demand for this program we believe that we can best meet the needs of our clients by combining our Grandville and Grand Rapids centers into a single location.

Therefore, effective August 23, 2019 we will be closing our Grandville center. Our current Grandville team will begin working alongside our existing Grand Rapids team at the Grand Rapids center location at 2040 East Beltline NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49525.

While this center is no longer accepting new clients, you will be able to continue your sessions in Grandville until August 23rd.

We appreciate the opportunity to continue working with you to optimize your brain performance. Please don’t hesitate to call 800.600.4096 with any questions.