Employee Spotlight – Mike West

October 9, 2018

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What’s your name, what do you do at Neurocore, and how long have you worked here?

My name is Mike, I’m a Digital Marketing Specialist, and I’ve been with Neurocore for a little more than 3 ½ years.


What aspect of your role do you enjoy the most?

I love learning new things and that’s one of the biggest aspects of my job. I enjoy helping improve Neurocore’s processes internally for almost all departments. It’s a great way for me to gain insight into different departments and meet other employees that I otherwise wouldn’t cross paths with.

I have new projects to work on constantly and learning new things helps keep my brain engaged – I really enjoy the feeling of discovering something new. I also really like helping people. I’m able to use my job to help people by improving our marketing to deliver our message as best as possible, which helps provide help to as many as we can. I love reading about the client’s experience with our clinical team and how a lot of times Neurocore has changed their lives for the better.


What has been your favorite project so far?

I would say my favorite project would be working on the website and integrating new tools to improve the user experience. This project has morphed several times over my tenure and it’s always a moving space, so it keeps me on my toes. Implementing the web chat feature was really fun and I think it’s a very helpful tool for both website visitors and our team.

On the techier side, I really enjoy focusing on website speed optimization. I try to make sure we’re doing as much as we can to ensure website load as fast as possible for a better user experience for our website visitors.


What food can you just not resist?

I cannot resist ice cream. Even if I just ate a lot of it, just ask me a few hours later and I can eat some more. Pizza is similar. No shame.

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