Employee Spotlight – Samantha Ellis

March 1, 2018

samantha smiling at the camera
  1. What’s your name, what do you do at Neurocore, and how long have you worked here?
    My name is Samantha Ellis and I have been a Client Advocate at Neurocore for just over a year now.
  1. Walk us through a typical day for you.
    At Neurocore, I either work on assessments or in the brainroom. When I work on assessments, I meet with people coming to our office for the very first time to see what their brain looks like! I run them through all of our testing. When I’m in the brainroom, I’m working with clients who are going through the program. So that means I get them hooked up to our equipment and monitor them throughout their session.Besides work, I exercise at my CrossFit gym either in the morning or at night, depending on my shift, and I love to hang out with my friends. We play dodgeball and volleyball leagues a couple nights a week and I coach CrossFit one morning a week!
  1. What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned on the job?
    The most interesting thing I’ve learned while on the job has to be how the brain really works; how every single person has a different make-up and I love learning how we can improve their lives. I come from a background in Exercise Science so I’ve really enjoyed taking charge of health and performance from all angles.
  1. What TV show character would it be the most fun to change places with for a week?
    This is a hard one! I would probably have to go with Michael Scott from The Office. He’s so blissfully unaware of the world around him but he’s the happiest guy you know. He’s the coolest boss and you’re never not entertained by him. If we’re getting really technical, I would like to switch lives with him the week he hosts the Dundies because who wouldn’t?
  1. If you could only watch one movie for the rest of your life, what movie would it be?
    I LOVE movies so this is a hard one, too! I think one of my favorite guilty pleasure movies is Father of the Bride. It is the perfect combination of comedy and romance. It is a complete tie over the first movie or the second one though, I would be happy with either.
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