neurocore lobby with an orange couch white tables and chairs and a tv

If you haven’t been out to the Grandville location in a while, you might not recognize it anymore. The end of last month marked the beginning of expansion into the previously empty space next door. While the team was still seeing clients during construction, the center is now finally looking shiny and new. And, according to the team, the changes are pretty great.

The renovation included adding 3 new assessment rooms and 2 more brain training stations, expanding the lobby, and revamping the front desk. The changes not only give the area some extra space, it helps improve the client experience too.

Mikaela is one team member who is excited about the changes. “I absolutely love the new space. There’s a lot more room to educate clients in a personal, one-on-one setting.”

In addition to the one-on-one feel, there’s a little more wiggle room with appointment times. Before, there were three assessment rooms in the center, which limited the number of assessments that were able to be scheduled at one time. Having extra assessment rooms and brain training stations allows for more clients to be seen at once, which adds appointment options.

Next time you’re in Grandville, swing by and take a look. You might even get to say hello to Mikaela and hear firsthand her opinion on the renovations. Spoiler alert: She really likes the fancy new front desk.

Check out the photos below!

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