How ‘Memory Boot Camp’ Works to Fight Memory Loss

January 8, 2019

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The idea that our brains experience cognitive decline as we age has long been accepted as part of the aging process – as we get older, we expect to misplace our keys more often or to struggle to recall someone’s name. But what if these changes aren’t inevitable? What if there are things we can do to help combat this decline? What if we have more control over our brain health than we think?

Thanks to advancing science and technology, we’ve learned more about the human brain in the past 20 years than in the entire history of modern medicine. And out of this exponential leap forward, we’ve found evidence to support that the brain is capable of growth and change at any age.

This adaptability is called neuroplasticity, and it’s the underlying concept behind Neurocore’s Memory Boot Camp program. The program is based on the evidence that with the right interventions and lifestyle modifications, we have the ability to improve our memory and mental sharpness.

With an emphasis on diet, exercise, sleep, cognitive exercises, meditation, coaching, and neurofeedback, Memory Boot Camp works to grow the parts of the brain responsible for memory – the hippocampus and cortex.

The cortex is responsible for many higher cognitive functions, such as long-term memory, language, decision-making, understanding abstract information, and performing mathematical calculations. The hippocampus is critical for short-term memory — like remembering names, dates, and conversations.

Research has shown that when these parts of our brains lose volume, memory can begin to be negatively impacted. Conversely, a larger hippocampus and cortex is linked to a sharper memory and mental clarity.

When we learn something for the first time, new synapses are formed in the hippocampus. The more we practice the new skill, more synapses are made and the stronger they get. Over time, these new synapses can actually grow the size of the hippocampus and cortex.

Evidence that we can regain lost volume in these areas is groundbreaking in terms of memory loss and memory loss prevention. With some research suggesting that the hippocampus and cortex can shrink by an average of about 0.5% each year after age 40, we now know that we can slow that process.

Using the latest research and technology, Neurocore’s Memory Boot Camp program aims to do just that.

Throughout the program, participants work through the curriculum with a personal brain coach. Based on the results of an initial, comprehensive assessment, each component of the program is customized to each person’s unique brain and individual goals. Progress is then measured and tracked incrementally to provide a quantitative, results-based outcome.

Participants meet with their brain coach a minimum of twice a week. This in-depth, one-on-one meeting helps guide individuals through each step of the program. Participants also receive active brain training through 30 precision neurofeedback sessions over the course of the program.

Memory Boot Camp is being offered at 6 center locations across West Michigan, East Michigan, and Southeast Florida. To learn more about Neurocore’s Memory Boot Camp program, call 800.600.4096.

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