What do you do at Neurocore?

a. There are two areas that we specialize in at Neurocore. The first area is brain based diagnostics. We deal with a wide range of behavioral and mental health issues and instead of just assessing symptoms, we look to find the root cause of those issues. Our initial assessment consists of five parts.

i. Child Behavior Checklist (CBCL) for children or the Adult Self Report (ASR) for adults. The survey helps us to understand behavioral, social and emotional health concerns.

ii. Autonomic Nervous System Response (ANSR) Scale: This survey helps the clinician explore the health of your autonomic nervous system.

iii. Integrated Visual and Auditory Test (IVA): The IVA is a computerized test designed to detect attention issues and impulse control issues. We give this test to everyone regardless of his or her reason for being assessed because many different conditions can impact your attention and impulse control.

iv. Heart Rate Variability (HRV): This important test helps us measure your heart rate and breathing patterns. Data will be analyzed to determine if your respiratory system and cardiovascular system are functioning in cohesion with one another. This cohesion between the respiratory and cardiovascular system is vital to brain health.

v. Electroencephalogram (EEG): An (EEG) is at the core of the assessment process and helps us understand what is happening in your brain. Leads that capture the frequencies of your brain waves are clipped to both ears, and a third lead is placed at the top-center of your head. This allows us to measure and record the brain waves in both the right and left temporal lobes and at the top of the brain where the frontal and parietal lobes meet.

vi. The assessment appointment takes about two hours. After all of the data is collected, you sit down with one of our licensed clinical staff to review the results and work to determine a proper course of action for treatment.

The second area we specialize in at Neurocore is the treatment or training component. Our main treatment is a combination of biofeedback and EEG biofeedback (neurofeedback). Biofeedback is designed to teach the person to breath deeper and slower to maximize how the heart is functioning, allowing for proper blood flow and oxygen flow to our body. This is especially helpful for people dealing with elevated stress, though, in general, deep breathing is beneficial to help refocus the system. EEG biofeedback is basically a reward system that allows us to train the brain waves to function more consistently within the therapeutic range. You are hooked up to the EEG equipment and bring a movie in to watch. The movie will only play when the brain waves are within the therapeutic range. When the brain waves go out of range, the movie pauses, which provides feedback to you that something is out of balance. Over the course of time the brain starts to figure out the pattern and stops spiking outside of range as often. As the brain improves we are able to adjust thresholds to continue to improve brain function. The process is similar to a parent rewarding their child for good behaviors, while not rewarding negative behaviors. We are looking to condition or train those good patterns to become the new normal.