Neurocore may be covered by your insurance

Many insurance plans cover Neurocore’s services. We provide a FREE insurance consultation prior to the time of the initial neurological assessment to inform clients if and how much will be covered. You may be able to use your Health Savings Account (HSA), Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) for Neurocore services.

In-Network Insurance

In Michigan, we are in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS), Blue Care Network (BCN), ASR, Cigna and Magellan. In Florida, we are in-network with Aetna, Cigna and Magellan.

Out-of-Network Insurance

If you are not a member with one of the in-network insurance providers, your out-of-network insurance may provide coverage for our program.

What if I want to know my coverage before the initial neurological assessment?

Fill out the form below and we’ll check for you. Or call 800.600.4096 and have your insurance card handy. You may also call your insurance provider prior to the neurological assessment to find out if services are covered. If you choose to call your insurance provider, you will want to ask the questions below. Please remember that if you choose to call on your own, it is important that you still do the free insurance consultation at the initial assessment so Neurocore can confirm the proper codes for billing.

  1. Do I have out-of-network mental health benefits? I am interested in seeing an out-of-network provider for outpatient mental health services.
  2. The CPT codes for their services are: 90791 (initial evaluation) and 90901 (treatment sessions). Can you check to see if these CPT/service codes are covered?
  3. What is my deductible and co-insurance for these services? Do I need an authorization or referral? Is there a limit to the number of sessions allowed? Do I have a copayment?
  4. Would a referral from an in-network provider be beneficial on this plan?

If the insurance provider asks for a diagnosis code, we cannot provide this until your neurological assessment. However, if you have a previous diagnosis, you may provide it to your insurance provider.


Don’t have insurance coverage? There may be another option for you!

Neurocore has partnered with Prosper Healthcare Lending to assist our clients with program financing. With over $5 billion funded and over 300,000 loan inquiries serviced through their lenders, Prosper Healthcare Lending is the premier financing company in the behavioral health industry. Here are some of the benefits you can receive with a loan from Prosper Healthcare Lending:

  • Immediate decisions for loans under $35,000 term options out to 84 months (affordable monthly payments)
  • No collateral required
  • Fast and easy loan inquiry process
  • No prepayment penalties
  • 100% confidential

Scholarship Program

If you do not have insurance coverage, in-network or out-of-network, you may qualify for our scholarship program that may provide 20%, 40% or 60% of the program cost. It is based on household income and family size. Call 800.600.4096 for more information.


Can I use my Health Savings Account (HSA)?

You may be able to use your HSA for Neurocore services.

Check My Insurance

We provide a free insurance consultation to inform clients if and how much will be covered. Please fill out your contact information below. Click “submit” to provide your insurance information.

Neurocore makes no claims that it can cure any conditions, including any conditions referenced on its website or in print materials, including ADHD, anxiety, autism, depression, traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress disorder, migraines, headaches, stress, sleep disorders, Alzheimer’s and dementia.  If you take prescription medications for any of these conditions, you should consult with your doctor before discontinuing use of such medications.