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Marty B. - Grand Rapids Center, March 2017

"[Reasons for coming to Neurocore] Help with focus, mood and have a better path for the future.

[My daughter] has been focusing a lot more in school work and getting better grades. She is thinking about her actions more before acting on feelings. She seems to have grown up since starting the program.

Stay the course and finish the recommended 30 sessions. We started at the beginning of Christmas break and just 2 days after the break I had one of Emily's teachers email and tell me 'I don't know what you guys did over break but [she] is more focused, participating, and a joy to have in class.' That really filled my tank and made me very proud of my daughter.

My contact with Katy at the main office was always very helpful with all of my questions."

Lauren C. - Boca Raton Center, March 2017

"[My son] struggled in school to stay on task and follow easy directions. He was not sleeping well and suffering from mood swings and constant tiredness.

[He] has been back to sleeping normally. [He] is able to calm his frustrations better. He has improved his performance in school.

We met this program at rock bottom and with skepticism. We were pleasantly surprised to see improvements in his everyday life. [Our son] is happier and has made great progress in what used to be daily struggles."

Robyn T. - Bloomfield Hills Center, March 2017

"My son's impulse control and issues with focus were causing problems at school and at home.

He is much more focused at school, his grades have improved and his mood is generally much better. He seems happier and more content. Natasha, Jackie, Peggy and Ryan have been awesome."

Amanda R. - Grandville Center, February 2017

"My son was struggling in school with focus. His grades were suffering. He was having a lot of anger issues with me (his mom) and his little brothers.

I will be interested to see how he is doing with focus in school. As far as at home, we are seeing more independence with completing homework and less struggle to even get started with it. His understanding of what he has learned throughout his school day seems to be improving. His behavior at home is changing. His attitude is much better and he is less likely to fight. He does seem to be a little more emotional as far as tears. I'm hoping he's learning to deal with his thoughts. He is now the boy that I know was in there. I have my son back!!!

The staff does an excellent job making my son feel comfortable! He enjoys coming to his treatments. Front desk service has been exceptional!!!

...It really does work! It was worth all the time to come to Neurocore! It has changed my son and has changed our lives! I would do it again in a heartbeat!"

Abdennaceur T. - Kalamazoo Center, February 2017

"[Reasons for coming to Neurocore] ADHD and problem focusing.

[Life after Neurocore] Could see big improvements in the kids. They don't argue much and easy to go to bed. And more focused in school. [The staff was] very helpful and easy to work with. [They were] very professional and kind staff. And the kids love it."

Cindy D. - Bloomfield Hills Center, February 2017

"My daughter was unable to complete work at school without the help of the teacher. She had issues with getting along with her peers and lying/stealing in school.

She can now work more independently in the classroom. She doesn't have the issues with her peers as she has in the last couple years also. She seems to be able to resolve conflict more efficiently.

Jackie and Natasha were great, wonderful to talk to and get ideas for dealing with [my daughter's] issues. Ryan and Peggy are great also, so friendly!"

Leslie S. - Grandville Center, February 2017

"Our daughter was struggling with daily routines and focusing at school. She also was up multiple times a night and was tired almost daily, which led to her inability to focus at school.

[She] is able to sleep through the night, I feel she is finally getting good rest. Her days at school aren't as difficult as they were, she still has days that are harder but overall she is doing much better. We started to see a real different after her 20-22nd session and the last couple weeks have been great. We did make some changes to her diet which was a huge part of the education aspect of the book. I believe adding and removing certain things were also a huge help.

Note on medication, [she] was on the smallest dose possible and we decided not to wean her from it right away because it helps her get through the day. Maybe as she gets older and completes more Neurocore training we may, however the information on how to and the follow up was outstanding.

My husband and I are always impressed with the friendliness of everyone in the office! I was also impressed with the insurance billing reaching out to me and providing a refund when our insurance came into network."

Anonymous - Grandville Center, January 2017

"We brought our son to Neurocore to mainly help him to be able to focus without using medication. He is now able to complete homework assignments without reminders or minimal reminders!"

Katrina P. Bloomfield Hills Center, December 2016

"My son was struggling with focus problems. He also exhibited symptoms of ADD/ADHD. He was never diagnosed with such.

He enjoys reading and writing more. He also enjoys school and can focus on homework without a lot of arguing and frustration."

Anonymous - Livonia Center, November 2016

"[Reasons for coming to Neurocore] To help improve my son's focusing in school and to [better communicate with others]."

Chapri P. Bloomfield Hills, November 2016

"[My daughter] has ADHD and difficulty focusing, sleeping and impulse issues. This was affecting every aspect of her life. I was looking for a non invasive solution. [She] is not as impulsive and she definitely sleeps better.

Because I have so many children using the program, we have not used the online scheduling...Our experience has been fantastic. I tell everyone we interact with about the program."

Chapri P. Bloomfield Hills, November 2016

"My daughter was having problems with attention and focus at school. She was receiving failing grades even with tutoring and support.

My daughter's words to me, "I feel like my brain is awake. I understand what is happening at school now!" She now receives A's and B's with some support at school and no outside tutoring!!!

Neurocore should be a staple in life just like diet and exercise!"

Chapri P. Bloomfield Hills, November 2016

"My son was having difficulties at home and school. His behaviors, impulse and mood were having a negative affect on every part of his life.

He is more verbal and willing to talk through his choices. He sleeps better and his overall disposition has improved. His day-to-day struggles seem to have lessened."

Anonymous - Sterling Heights Center, November 2016

"My son stopped taking meds over the summer and didn't want to go back on them. He typically has trouble with impulse control, mood, and gets easily frustrated. We thought we'd try Neurocore to see if it could help him to stay off meds.

My son doesn't get frustrated as easily and when he does it's not as bad and he gets over it quickly. He's been able to maintain without meds and has had no issues in school."

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