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Rachele K. - Livonia Center, July 2017

"My daughter was diagnosed with ADHD, ODD, and social anxiety at age 6. We had to begin homeschooling her in first grade because of her inability to adapt to new social situations and her sensitivity to noise... I saw an add in Metro Parent that Neurocore participates with BCBS... I called Neurocore.

...Her ADD symptoms have reduced by about 80%. She's able to focus when needed, and articulate the need for a brain break or other support when necessary. She's slightly less impulsive. The most encouraging part is that she seems more comfortable in general; she's interested in meeting new friends and interacting with others. She still gets upset, but the behavior escalates more slowly, and she is able to calm herself down much more quickly.

Neurocore is easily the easiest medical/behavioral health office I've ever worked with. The staff is proactive, attentive, friendly, and knowledgeable."

Shirlee K. - Holland Center, July 2017

"My son has difficulty in class. He has been an interruption and has a hard time staying focused.

It's hard to say. We are currently on summer break. We will know more this fall after school has been in session.

Great staff. Jenna and Alexa are great. They listened to my frustrations with understanding and empathy. They were great with my son as well. He actually enjoyed coming here."

Anonymous - Sterling Heights Center, July 2017

"My daughter was struggling with her impulse control and focus. I wanted to find a way to help her find a way to help her prepare for kindergarten.

She is able to calm herself down more quickly and control her anger more easily. She is also going to sleep much easier since she began her treatments. Very kind and friendly staff!"

Anonymous - Grandville Center, July 2017

"Son had fallen a bit behind in reading at school (2nd grade).

We won't get full results until school starts again, but he has made significant progress in reading. He also appears a little less energetic (a good thing) and temper tantrums are less dramatic and fewer in occurrence.

Anonymous - Grandville Center, July 2017

"My son [was] falling behind in school and can't stay focused. 

He is more calm and his reading has improved. Looking forward to the fall to see how he does in class."

Dana F. - Boca Raton Center, June 2017

"I have two sons (ages 10 and 12) who were driving me crazy with their behavior problems. One had many symptoms of ADHD and he successfully completed the program with a significant decrease in symptoms. My 12 year old had such poor impulse control that he would go from 0 to 60 with his anger, often with only the slightest trigger. He is now much more in control of himself and I haven't seen the level of anger in about 4-5 weeks. After they had completed a few sessions, I decided I also could benefit from treatment. I am almost done with my treatment and I am happy to report with a decrease in their symptoms and my anxiety eliminated we have a great deal of peace in our home...which barely existed prior to our introduction to Neurocore. I am a true believer that this program makes significant changes in the way people live their lives.

Wow! My family can now enjoy quality time. There is less discord between my children and we are all coping with stress differently. We had tried cognitive behavioral therapy prior to finding Neurocore with no changes. Neurocore has decreased the tension in all three of us.

The staff was so informative. I have been fascinated to learn about the brain and find myself educating myself about neuroscience with an unending thirst for my information since we began attending Neurocore. The staff would explain information over and over again as if it were the first time despite my repeated questions because due to my own anxiety I had difficulty remembering what they said.

From my first phone call to the last visit the level of professionalism and courtesy of the staff has been amazing. I always felt like a valuable customer as if my family were the only ones being treated. The staff is always happy and uplifting. My son was not so excited about attending his appointments; but, the staff was always able to encourage him to get through his appointments. I am forever grateful.

It works, even if the kids don't 100 percent apply the breathing techniques. I applied the breathing techniques and had a greater success in the reduction of anxiety symptoms."

Melissa - Grand Rapids Center, June 2017

"My son has difficulty in social situations. He is very energetic and sometimes has a hard time handling himself. He has a hard time making friends and he believes people are always mean. He doesn't know how to deal with his emotions even though he has the tools. When he is calm he knows what is right and wrong but if someone makes him angry his tools go out the window. His emotions are rapidly changing and it effects how he does at school along with everyone at home.

My son is sleeping better and I notice a difference one on one but no other differences. I am disappointed because I thought we would see more change."

Mary G. - Holland Center, June 2017

"[Reasons for coming to Neurocore] To help our son who was struggling with focus and reading.

His reading ability is on an upward trend. He remembers more details. His relationships with friends are improving and he seems much more aware and relaxed.

We feel like this isn't a magic cure but was certainly a huge benefit for our son. He has experienced so much positive growth since participating in the program."

Anonymous - Holland Center, June 2017

"My son was having difficulty in school with his focus and attention. We had heard about Neurocore through friends who had a positive experience with the program. We wanted to be able to give our son the tools he needs in order to focus and redirect himself."

Justin M. - Holland Center, June 2017

"[Reason for coming to Neurocore] My son was having attention and memory issues.

He seems to be retaining information at a much higher level and it is reflected on his homework and test scores."

Kim M. - Grandville Center, June 2017

"My daughter was struggling with staying on task at school and had a very bad temper.

She is staying on task at school and when she starts to get upset she does deep breathing."

Anonymous - Grandville Center, June 2017

"[Reasons for coming to Neurocore] To help with focus...

...Appetite is much better. Moods are better overall. Focus is better. Time commitment is hard for 30 sessions but so far it has been worth it."

Dana F. - Boca Raton Center, May 2017

"My son's 4th grade teacher was more than highly recommending... He was unable to sit still and was interrupting her. He came home with a note about his behavior almost daily. The notes have decreased tremendously...Neurocore has been the answer for our family.

My son is not quite where I want him to be. We are planning to continue with care. Every staff member in the Boca office and with the prescreening office made me feel very cared about with individualized care.

I highly recommend this program for behavior and attention problems...The research on brain activity is fascinating so why not actually correct the problem rather..."

Farrah D. - Boca Raton Center, May 2017

"My daughter had ADD and focusing issues. Not only does she see a difference but so do her teachers.

We both understand her brain a little better. The soothing friendly welcoming center helps kids feel at ease navigating through what could be a scary process and makes them better. The therapy is relaxing, calming yet hyper-focused to the patients needs. This is the one task (i.e. Tutoring, homework) that my daughter looks forward to. Their brain is changing and being developed through watching their favorite movies and being cared for by staff that treats them like family!

Every single employee goes above and beyond their jobs! They all care and love their patients."

Anonymous - Sterling Heights Center, May 2017

"Had concerns with my 4yr old son's focus and attention span. He simply could not sit still. In most cases, he was not even aware of the fact that he was constantly fidgeting. After his evaluation with Neurocore, it was discovered that he showed high levels of anxiety, not ADHD. So happy we didn't take the "sit & wait" approach as recommended by every Dr. we spoke with. I knew there had to be something we could try... Thank you Neurocore!

After our 30 visits, we have definitely noticed improvement in our son's attention span & focus. Just yesterday, his preschool teacher stated that she has definitely noticed improvement as well. Previously, he would not typically finish projects that required him to sit still and focus. However, this past week, he completed 2 projects that required a great deal of focus and ability to sit still.

Have patience.....which is very hard for me. We didn't notice changes until about the 20th session. Then we started noticing subtle changes. As mentioned by the Neurocore staff, we are hopeful to see additional positive changes over the Summer as his brain continues to balance."

Caitlin G. - Grand Rapids Center, May 2017

"My son was struggling with his ADHD...

It is easier to reason with him, he has excelled in all areas at school. His teacher said it was like someone flipped a switch. He is a new kid. He is focused and now at the top of his class."

Kari M. - Grand Rapids Center, May 2017

"My son was frustrated and angry, he would have outbursts on a daily basis. He had a hard time focusing and doing what he was told. He was very emotional and was experiencing separation anxiety. Also, he was having a difficult time falling asleep and staying asleep.

Grant is happier and less frustrated. He rarely has outbursts of frustration and anger now. His listening skills have improved and he is able to focus better on the things that he needs to do. The separation anxiety that he was experiencing, and his emotional state have improved greatly. He is falling asleep faster and sleeping soundly."

Carly L. - Livonia Center, May 2017

"I had problems with ADHD and anxiety and wasn't able to attend school.

I can do things without any worries and without having panic attacks and I can complete my homework and chores without getting distracted.

Make sure you exercise regularly, eat well, and sleep well."

Anonymous - Sterling Heights Center, May 2017

"To improve my cognitive functioning after head injury and ADHD... I have had a lot of success since starting Neurocore...

I'm calmer - I can focus and read a book and less overwhelmed with day-to-day activities."

Anonymous - Grand Rapids Center, April 2017

"Our 11yr old son had a very hard time focusing and controlling his emotions. When he got upset he would go from calm to a crying screaming tantrum in a few seconds. He would have to take time out from his classes at school to get himself under control so he could function in class. This would happen at least 2-4 times a week. At home he would sometimes get physical with us or his sisters, sometimes he would be physically abusive to the animals and say he just wasn't thinking, he was just doing.

Since we got him tested and started in Neurocore, he has made significant improvements everywhere in his life. He no longer needs to take time out of his classes at school. He is able to stop himself from escalating emotionally by catching himself feeling like he is losing control, doing his breathing techniques, and 'coming back down' to a controlled level. My wife and I were close to our wits end in helping him but thanks to Neurocore, he is able to help himself and we know how to help him get and keep control of his emotions."

Anonymous - Grandville Center, April 2017

"[Reasons for coming to Neurocore" To help child learn skills to overcome anxiety when in everyday life situations and when stressed.

He feels that he is sleeping better and feels less anxious in everyday life and while playing sports. As a parent, I feel that Cody has gained confidence along his Neurocore journey and is able to better understand how to "cope" when feeling anxious. After our initial analysis, when the Dr. took the time to explain to Cody what was going on in his brain and helped explain the "why" behind some of his actions and feelings, you could see some of the weight lift off his shoulders. He walked out of the office that evening with a smile knowing that there was someone who understood and could help him."

Daniel H. - Livonia Center, April 2017

"I wanted my son to improve focus, attention, and sleep.

I have seen him improve focus and can reason through things. Impulse control has improved."

Juanita B. - Grandville Center, April 2017

"My son was having trouble in school and everyday activities just socializing and focusing. It was becoming a concern with the school so we sought out Neurocore.

My son has become more focused and calm and is paying more attention in class. His overall everyday activities have become more controlled and easier for him to adapt to sudden changes."

Rachel Y. - Grand Rapids Center, April 2017

"My daughter Kayleigh had such a hard time staying focus in class and was falling more and more behind. She would be very disruptive during class, at times would be sent off to principal's office for being so impulsive and making poor choices.

Kayleigh still has good days and bad days, but on those bad days she is much easier to handle. I have been told by the principal that she is doing much better in class too. I am looking forward to more improvements as her brain continues to change after the program is done. Thank you!"

Jamison B. - Grand Rapids Center, April 2017

"Son was considered to be borderline ADD from another clinic, a clinic which also gave incorrect final report (was someone else's). Not trusting that diagnosis prompted the inquiry here.

He has a much higher energy level (actually wants to play outside). His falling asleep has improved and he seems more rested. He also had some anxiety about school, but that has improved as well."

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