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Anonymous - Sterling Heights Center, July 2017

"I had a very bad concussion and I wasn't doing well with it. So I came to Neurocore to get it fixed.

I can sleep through the night again and my memory and focus are back at 100%. I used to wake up with raging headaches everyday but now I don't have them. I have enough energy to get through the day again!

Any size of a concussion should be taken care of. It may not affect you big time now but in the long run you'll thank yourself for fixing your head."

Anonymous - Holland Center, July 2017

"Trouble focusing, getting things done, falling asleep, spacing out all the time.

Am focusing a little better, falling asleep a little easier, not spacing out as much, a little hard to tell tho since I'm not in school."

Suzzane S. - Grand Rapids Center, June 2017

"Improved sleep, awareness of breathing, meditation, improved self care strategies..."

Anonymous - Boca Raton Center, May 2017

"[Reasons for coming to Neurocore] Memory and sleep.

I feel a lot better - more energy and better memory."

Mary Ann S. - Livonia Center, April 2017

"I was challenged with insomnia, depression and anxiety. My psychiatrist wanted me to have ECT treatment. I did a search and learned about Neurocore. I was looking for a less invasive treatment.

My sleeping has definitely improved. For the first time in years I fall asleep on my own...Not much change with the anxiety/depression.

The clinical staff was extremely knowledgeable and very professional. They really put me at ease."

Anonymous - Boca Raton Center, April 2017

"[Reasons for coming to Neurocore] Severe, chronic sleep problems, very low tolerance of stress, and anxiety.

My sleep seems to be better. When it comes to tolerance for stress and anxiety, I need more time to assess the benefits. My cognitive functioning seems to be at a higher level."

Anonymous - Livonia Center, April 2017

"I was diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder and due to the disorder suffered from sleep deprivation, stress, anxiety and depression.

My sleep has improved tremendously and the internal sensations of anxiety and depression have reduced significantly. Neurocore helped me maintain a daily schedule for my accountability regarding regular exercise, meditative breathing, healthy eating and sleeping habits.

If you suffer from sleep deprivation or attention deficit disorders, I believe Neurocore is a great option to give you a lot of relief and assistance in living a healthy, focused lifestyle. If depression or anxiety are a problem, I believe after my experience that Neurocore (along with the help of a qualified psychiatrist or therapist) can significantly decrease your symptoms.

Anonymous - Grand Rapids Center, April 2017

"My life has been very different with me participating in the Neurocore program. I notice that I can focus on things a lot better, I can just sit down and complete any task given to me where as before I would have to take several breaks. I find that now I take no breaks and things can get done efficiently."

Barb F. - Grandville Center, March 2017

"I wasn't sleeping well, I had a hard time falling asleep many nights. 

I fall asleep much faster now. If I don't fall asleep right away, I do some deep breathing and that usually helps quite quickly.

It was actually very pleasant and easy. Who doesn't enjoy watching movies? All the staff are kind and helpful. They gave me lots of great suggestions and tools to improve not just my sleep but my general health and lifestyle."

Heather S. - Grandville Center, March 2017

"[Reasons for coming to Neurocore] Mood, overall grumpy and argues a lot. Anxiety, afraid of things. Sleep, wakes up in the night.

[How is life different after Neurocore] He goes to bed by himself and has less fear. Not gone but better. Going to bed without us has been great. Waking up at night has gotten better but not totally consistent. The mood has not changed, still quite difficult. Not relaxed. Argues a lot. Not calm.

Excellent caring staff at Grandville. Very professional, great with kids and adults."

Leslie S. - Grandville Center, February 2017

"Our daughter was struggling with daily routines and focusing at school. She also was up multiple times a night and was tired almost daily, which led to her inability to focus at school.

[She] is able to sleep through the night, I feel she is finally getting good rest. Her days at school aren't as difficult as they were, she still has days that are harder but overall she is doing much better. We started to see a real difference after her 20-22nd session and the last couple weeks have been great. 

We did make some changes to her diet which was a huge part of the educational aspect of the book. I believe adding and removing certain things were also a huge help.

My husband and I are always impressed with the friendliness of everyone in the office!"

Yvonne W. - Grandville Center, February 2017

"Went to the lunch and learn and became very interested in all aspects of help the program could accomplish.

Neurocore has helped me get my life back on track. Eating healthy. Exercise. Better sleep... My anxiety has lessened. Awesome help with my insurance! 

Just do it! You won't be sorry!"

Elizabeth - Grandville Center, February 2017

"[Reasons for coming to Neurocore] To help my child learn to focus in class and complete homework.

My son is succeeding in school and sleeping better and stay focused. Every person in the office is friendly and welcoming. I feel that the plan was logical and significant."

Matthew W. - Livonia Center, February 2017

"I've tried conventional "talk" therapy and psychoactive drug therapy before with mixed results. I figured why not give it a try.

Sleep is better. Impulse control is somewhat improved."

Anonymous - Sterling Heights Center, February 2017

"[Reasons for coming to Neurocore] Anxiety, focus and memory problems, trouble sleeping and loss of energy.

Improved sleep and focus. Better at managing anxiety"

Megan V. - Holland Center, February 2017

"[Reasons for coming to Neurocore] I was unable to maintain my normal day-to-day schedule due to anxiety and lack of sleep.

I am now able to enjoy activities and my day to day agenda happily and confidently. I am able to get a good nights rest and wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Learning to dissect my thoughts has been a very helpful tool in helping me distinguish what is true and what is fear based information that I have chosen to believe about myself, or any given situation."

Liana T. - Grandville Center, January 2017

"I was really moody, had no energy and was sleeping poorly. This was affecting my family much more than the other people in my life. I didn't want to be the mom who was always yelling at her kids for being kids.

I feel like I have my moods a little better under control. I definitely get better sleep."

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