In-Center Clients Saw Improvements With ADHD Sleep Anxiety Depression Memory Stress Migraines Focus Panic Attacks

The views expressed below are the reviewers’ personal opinions after completing Neurocore’s 30-session program. Consumers should not expect to experience the same results, nor should they reduce or discontinue any medication without first consulting with their physician.

“I needed help with ADD, my feeling and anxiety. I can control my anxiety with breathing. I feel in control of my ADD as well and can’t wait to see my after results from the neurofeedback. The biggest change for me personally was with my feeling. I no longer feel out of control with my emotions. I think I would recommend people go 2 to 3 seasons a week. My son and I did go 3 to 4 times and that was a little much I think.

“My son was all over the place, couldn’t focus or finish his tasks at school or home. Also had outbursts of anger and happiness that he couldn’t control. He is more calmed, collected and happy, still having issues with focusing and his outbursts but now these are farther apart which is a huge step. Excellent staff, went the extra mile. The staff is always welcoming and friendly.”

“We wanted to help Abby find ways to help herself in stressful situations. Wanted her to remain calm and think situations through before reacting. Abby is calmer and more relaxed. She takes life more as it comes rather than worrying and reacting badly. They were very helpful and knowledgeable, however their personability was the best part. Awesome customer service.”

“I came to neurocore looking for a way to treat my anxiety without having to take medication. I am now more able to handle my anxiety and recognize ways I can help myself manage it during everyday life.”

“I feel more confident, less stuck.”

“Extreme depression/anxiety. It really did help. I think the combination of the treatment, eating better, taking supplements, and exercising really helped.”

“Our daughter struggled with strong emotions when she got frustrated and when she didn’t get her way. She struggled to stay focused and complete work. Our daughter is much calmer and mature now. She continues to work on handling frustration in a respectful way, but overall she is much happier and doesn’t make such a big deal out of so many little issues.”

“ADHD, strong feelings of frustration and anger to simple things in life, and lack of impulse control. Our son is much happier and more calm now. His start to the school year has been drastically different than the entire last school year. He is more respectful towards everyone. He takes time to do quality work and is motivated to do his best. He’s not getting in trouble on the playground and talking out of turn in class.”

“My migraines were increasing, my job was very stressful and my anxiety was through the roof not to mention my blood pressure. Since completing Neurocore, my breathing has slowed and my quick reactions to stressful and/or anxiety situations has slowed down. This allows me to process the situation and deal with it calmly. Awesome staff. Caring, helpful and understanding all at the same time. Made me feel at ease and not stupid. Always willing to answer questions. I was always greeted with a smile.”

“Problems focusing, staying on task and organization. Troubles remembering tasks for school and home that needed to be completed. Participation has allowed me to focus better, therefore staying on task and organization in life has improved. Everyone was amazing. They never made a question seem stupid. Always welcoming and eager to help and/or service.”

“To help our 10 year old better manage their anxiety, impulsivity and get to know herself better and how to better help herself. We have been given several tools to help our 10 year old better help herself. From breathing, to meditation and apps on the phone. It cannot hurt to try out Neurocore. The tools and knowledge about yourself or loved one you gain from Neurocore is worth it.”

“My son went through the treatment program because he was diagnosed as being a slow learner. Because of that, he has difficulty focusing and has also been diagnosed with anxiety and mild depression.

I have seen a significant improvement in his focusing/staying on task at home. He also seems to be in a better mood more often, and less stressed/anxious. He is exercising more too and voluntarily signed up to run for his school’s cross country team. In the past, it was always a struggle to get him to enjoy playing sports.”

“I was very stressed, having a hard time staying asleep through the night, and I have depression. My stress level is significantly reduced even after I started back to work teaching this school year.”

“Anxiety and a bit of ADD. Trouble at school with focusing and not being able to concentrate on tasks.

This is the first year that we enjoyed fireworks over the 4th of July as a family. It was always too loud and scared him a lot. He’s learned better coping techniques and doesn’t freak out over noises and new experiences. He’s willing to try things now that he never would have before. Everyone was very friendly and my son felt at ease.”

“My daughter had trouble focusing in school so we started with this program. She is back to school now but its hard to tell if things have improved since she is only three days in. I do see improvements at home though.

I feel like my life has changed for the better. She is better at following directions and calmer. My daughter used to cry about every little thing that I would ask her to do and now it’s different. She is happier and easier to work with.”

“Almost no anger issues. Anxiety is greatly reduced.”

“I feel a lot more at ease and I take time to think things through before reacting which has helped both my anxiety and depression!”

“It was suggested by the pediatric gastroenterologist to do neurofeedback.

My son at 14 had grown inured to my voice. The doctor and myself gave him a list of instructions. This program and its suggestions aligned with the instructions from the doctor. It is like I had a whole other team on my side. More importantly on his side. He understands what he needs to do for his health.”

“To try to seek alternative treatment/therapy for adhd, anxiety and behavioral issues.

I would say much better with anxiety and somewhat better with focus. I notice other issues still persist but not as extreme.”

“Less anxious, able to cope with problems more rationally. Attention span is better. Improved memory.”

“ADHD severe symptoms high impulsivity, lack of sleep, poor focus, difficulty with wanting to engage with family.

All family members have noticed a significant change in behaviour, more social, watches films with family, been on family outings, still struggling with some sleep issues, but has been getting up by noon, often 10:30AM each day prior to treatment. Was bad on weekends and start of summer was bad. This has been a large improvement. No issues with impulsive behaviour, better mood too. Prior, was borderline depressed at times. Now willing to participate in exercise. He is 15 going into his junior year of high school and says he has noticed a big improvement.”

“My son had issues with focus at school, impulse control (non-violent, lack of attention in class) and somewhat highly energetic. We came to NC as we wanted him to learn to have more self control and exercise more “think before acting” thinking at home and school to help him with distractions when taking a task. He has improved – he is more calm and pays better attention specially at the beginning of the program. It made a big difference in class, even the teacher noticed right away a difference in him. However, I can see that now he is still battling with attention and focus at home, although not as before but focus is an issue still.”

“Our child was having extreme difficulties in school, at home and in other social situations with impulse control, focus and mood swings due to ADHD. As her parents, we were not ready to implement medication, so a friend had recommended Neurocore as an alternative treatment.

We have noticed a lot of small changes (significant to us simply because we are with her daily) such as: hesitation to act impulsively (we have witnessed a consistent change), eye contact almost always from our child (this never happened for longer than a second or two before), attention to more detail when working on a task (drawing, playing, reading, etc.), ability to sit through a meal without getting up or moving around, some improvement with interruptions when others are speaking, a positive change in sleeping patterns and less outbursts/tantrums when things are not going as planned according to our child. We both agree that it will be interesting to see how things have changed for her once she starts school next week (first grade).”

“I came in so unsure of what I was getting into and skeptical things could actually change for me. Now, upon the completion of the program I am blown away by the results. The careful explainations and attentiveness to my needs helped me feel like I could succeed.

I was sort of curious upon first hearing of Neurocore and although I didn’t have one particular element I particularly wanted to focus on, I was very skeptical that a program could be built for my needs. After attending a lunch and learn event I became more curious. After my initial appointment I was hooked. The staff really helped me to pinpoint what some goals of mine would be and walked alongside me throughout the whole process to make sure that success was achieved. The staff were so encouraging throughout the whole process. Even on the frustrating days and the first few appointments when I was so hard on myself, they were all right there encouraging me not to give up.

I have way more energy and can think more clearly. It’s like the program created extra space in my brain that wasn’t there before. As a result, I am way more confident in myself and my abilities now.”

“I had dropped out of both school and work because my anxiety prevented me from attending them. Basically for a year or so I wasn’t really leaving my house… She recommended a bunch of in-house treatment centers (and similar places) that were either far too expensive or too far away for me to attend. She gave us Neurocore’s name but wasn’t really sure what it was about…

Honestly, I believe the program is great. The environment is calming, I felt a genuine connection with the social workers, and the client advocates made me feel safe and welcome… I felt a connection with all of my technicians and clinicians. I was quite sad that my first clinician left because I especially liked her, but I understand sometimes workers leave and they made me feel comfortable switching to their other clinician.”

“Not being able to sit still in class; to the point he would not finish standardized tests. His inability to focus on the task at hand was interrupting his capabilities to learn and keep up with his schoolwork. Also, anger issues at home were horrible for the entire family, and his not being able to go to sleep also added to the problem.

Well, his teachers saw a huge improvement in all aspects including his test-taking which he passed with flying colors after treatment…He also sleeps a regular 9 hours a night without a fight. Very satisfied with the results!

I noticed the days [my son] came in for treatment; he was more tired than other nights and enjoyed going to bed earlier.”

“My daughter has ADHD and was dealing with anxiety and serious angry/mood issues. We came to help her with focus at school. Her grades were suffering very much and doing homework with her was painful for everyone.

Since coming here her moods have improved significantly. She has less anger and anxiety and it is such a blessing. Her grades are starting to improve but we still have a bit of work to go… we will probably continue treatment here going forward to help her as much as we can. Love the staff. They are always nice and make a point to talk to [her] and not just me the parent.”

“It feels like the edge has been taken off. The neurofeedback, biofeedback and counseling sessions worked together to reduce the level of anxiety. Though I still deal with occasional anxiety, I feel more empowered to deal with it. I was skeptical, not due to anything specific about Neurocore, it’s just my nature. That’s why the improvement was a welcomed surprise, and less likely to be a placebo effect.

All of the staff are amazing, attentive and caring. Marquel, Stephanie, Ali, Amanda, Raven, Amanda and Kaitlin. Great people. I realize the technology is a major thrust, but the personal treatment and staff knowledge was just as important to success.”

“My ADD does not impact me as much as it did before. I am a lot more social and do things that I would not have done in the past.”

“Struggles with depression and anxiety.

I am more aware of abnormal thoughts in which I thought were normal thinking for me. Neurocore gave me the clarity in my mind that I needed to sort out positive vs negative thinking and gave me the tools to work on my thinking.”

“Lack of focus. Trouble in school with friends and teachers. I only got two emails from his teachers since starting Neurocore, whereas I was getting several a month before. He also has better friendships.”

“I have had anxiety most of my life, both learned from family circumstances and abuse, that was carried into adulthood. I went to counseling, was eating healthy, working out and reading books to help myself, but I needed more. This was it! It has been the thing to help make everything come together. I can focus now, not get too anxious or zone out. I can deal with my emotions and the emotions of others as they come and then move on and not ruminate in them. I am so much more happy and peaceful since I started the program.

I can stay in the moment and handle life as it comes. I look forward to the future and have hope it will be good. I can say what I think and feel, communicate so much better. I feel like my old self before life overwhelmed me.”

“I was experiencing Adult ADHD which led to depression and anxiety. I looked at programs and found Neurocore.

I am a calmer person now. I have the tools to help me in slowing down and not reacting with as much negativity as I did in the past. Life is a lot easier to handle now. I still am a work in progress but with the brain retraining and the talk therapy, I am in a better frame of mind and able to cope with life much better and with a better attitude. You as the patient have to take an active role in your therapy. The therapist can only give you so much. You have to help them help you.”

The views expressed above are the reviewers’ personal opinions after completing Neurocore’s 30-session program. Consumers should not expect to experience the same results, nor should they reduce or discontinue any medication without first consulting with their physician.

While there may be information on the Neurocore website relating to certain conditions, should a medical condition exist, promptly see your own physician or health provider. Neurocore does not offer medical diagnosis or treatment advice. Neurocore makes no claims that it can cure any conditions, including any conditions referenced on its website or in print materials, including ADHD, anxiety, autism, depression, traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress disorder, migraines, headaches, stress, sleep disorders, Alzheimer’s and dementia. If you take prescription medications for any of these conditions, you should consult with your physician before discontinuing use of such medications.