Clients Have Seen Improvements With ADHD Sleep Anxiety Depression Memory Stress Migraines Focus Panic Attacks

“The views expressed below are the personal views of the reviewer and are based on the reviewer’s experience with the completion of Neurocore’s 30-session program. Results will vary. Consumers should not expect to experience the same results.”

“I needed help with ADD, my feeling and anxiety. I can control my anxiety with breathing. I feel in control of my ADD as well and can’t wait to see my after results from the neurofeedback. The biggest change for me personally was with my feeling. I no longer feel out of control with my emotions. I think I would recommend people go 2 to 3 seasons a week. My son and I did go 3 to 4 times and that was a little much I think.

Sara P.West Bloomfield Center, November 2019

“My son was all over the place,couldn’t focus or finish his tasks at school or home .also had outbursts of anger and happiness that he couldn’t control. He is more calmed, collected and happy, still having issues with focusing and his outbursts but now these are farther apart which is a huge step. Excellent staff, went the extra mile. The staff is always welcoming and friendly.”

Marla G.Boca Raton Center, November 2019

“We wanted to help Abby find ways to help herself in stressful situations. Wanted her to remain calm and thinksituations through before reacting. Abby is calmer and more relaxed. She takes life more as it comes rather than worrying and reacting badly. They were very helpful and knowledgeable, however their personability was the best part. Awesome customer service.”

Tammy H.Grand Rapids Center, October 2019

“The first word that comes to mind, exhausted. I seldom claimed a restful, uninterrupted night’s sleep. Different causes contributed to this nightly occurrence, including : The inability to turn off my busy brain & the melting pot of topics that swirled constantly in my mind. I lacked focus during the day; often times leaving unfinished tasks to “wrap up later”. I would start projects until my interest waned & move on in a different direction. Oh, & lets not forget EVERYDAY, on & off, searching for something I’d misplaced. I could see a direct connection between my quality of sleep, (or lack of ), as to how much wasted energy I used to remember different things throughout the day. I had no idea how to correct it…exhausting …

The first major positive change showed up only two weeks into my program! I went to bed for the night & woke up the following morning @ 11:00 a.m. after a solid uninterrupted [night] of sleep! I thought there was something wrong with my clock? It was AMAZING! After that point, I realized that noticeable changes in memory & focus became my new norm! It is also noteworthy to mention the decreased level in my anxiety level… All in all, my experience with Neurocore has reaped countless positive benefits that are life altering. I am thankful for the opportunity & would make the personal commitment again. I would credit & thank Samantha for her influence on assisting in this process!

To overlook the importance of breathing correctly, would be remiss. Neurocore has retrained my breathing technique; to find what an integral component of well- being it plays. Who knew that “proper breathing” makes more oxygen available to the brain? It is also a point of interest to note that any/all of the benefits I have gained from completing the Neurocore program, have come without application of any RX or OTC meds!

Samantha has a relatable presence & maintains an open line of communication. I was instantly at ease with her assistance in navigating the THRIVE program. As a result of Samantha’s thorough presentation, I sought very few Q&A sessions & felt at ease the few times I did.”

Jaime A.At-Home Program/Thrive, October 2019

“I had symptoms of depression, anxiety, moodiness and couldn’t get to sleep at night. I was very defensive in confrontations and couldn’t be in control of my own thoughts. I would get angry very fast and didn’t know how to breathe properly in a deep way.

I am able to be more calm in situations I would usually overreact to. I have seen the defensiveness disappear, am able to sort out and control my feelings better, and I don’t get as mad as I would have. I feel less depression in recent months since starting Neurocore, and am generally really happy to see all of these results. Before its like I was just living life in an unhealthy way but I didn’t know how fully unhealthy it was since that was my normal. Now I just feel like a better version of myself and I love it. I feel more free knowing I can get through tough things.”

Keala O.Grand Rapids Center, October 2019

“I came to neurocore looking for a way to treat my anxiety without having to take medication. I am now more able to handle my anxiety and recognize ways I can help myself manage it during everyday life.”

Savannah D.Grand Rapids Center, October 2019

“I have struggled with cognitive abilities and communication between the right and left hemispheres at the corpus collusum. Thanks to the treatment at Neurocore, thought and memory retrieval have increased, and cognitive and speech has improved. Communication is easier. The staff are friendly, engaging, and very proactive.”

Ana B. West Bloomfield Center, October 2019

“I couldn’t focus on daily task or routines, I couldn’t sleep and felt sad at all times. I can focus better on certain task and I can sleep better and I have learned to walk away and breathe on any situation. Keep your treatments religiously. They do help! They are all so awesome and lovable. But most importantly they are here for you in every step of the way. Till you get better. You all Rock! I am very pleased and happy to have found you.”

Karla A.Boca Raton Center, October 2019

“I feel more confident, less stuck.”

AnonymousWest Bloomfield Center, October 2019

“I had bad anxiety that was noticeably lowering my quality of life. I was stressed all the time, and slept poorly on a regular basis. It took me an average of 25 minutes to fall asleep every night. Moving and starting a new job seemed terrifying. My anxiety is still present, but is greatly reduced. I can make decisions more quickly, with less agonizing over options. I sleep noticeably better at now. It usually takes me only about 10-15 minutes to fall asleep now. It is much easier for me to calm my mind when I am feeling stressed. My resting breathing rate has lowered, too, through conscious effort, so now I’m less worried about the possibility of heart problems.

I’ll admit, I had my doubts before I started the program, but I’m so glad I went through with it. I don’t know if all the changes I’ve experienced are direct results of the program, as I also went through some major life changes over the same summer, but I’m sure the program helped. I wish that all my friends over the years who have anxiety or depression could get the same relief from mental struggles that I’ve had.”

AnonymousAt-Home Program/Thrive, October 2019

“Extreme depression/anxiety. It really did help. I think the combination of the treatment, eating better, taking supplements, and exercising really helped.”

AnonymousGrand Rapids Center, October 2019

“Our daughter struggled with strong emotions when she got frustrated and when she didn’t get her way. She struggled to stay focused and complete work. Our daughter is much calmer and mature now. She continues to work on handling frustration in a respectful way, but overall she is much happier and doesn’t make such a big deal out of so many little issues.”

AnonymousGrand Rapids Center, October 2019

“ADHD, strong feelings of frustration and anger to simple things in life, and lack of impulse control. Our son is much happier and more calm now. His start to the school year has been drastically different than the entire last school year. He is more respectful towards everyone. He takes time to do quality work and is motivated to do his best. He’s not getting in trouble on the playground and talking out of turn in class.”

AnonymousGrand Rapids Center, October 2019

“My migraines were increasing, my job was very stressful and my anxiety was through the roof not to mention my blood pressure. Since completing Neurocore, my breathing has slowed and my quick reactions to stressful and/or anxiety situations has slowed down. This allows me to process the situation and deal with it calmly. Awesome staff. Caring, helpful and understanding all at the same time. Made me feel at ease and not stupid. Always willing to answer questions. I was always greeted with a smile.”

Tammy H.Grand Rapids Center, October 2019

“Problems focusing, staying on task and organization. Troubles remembering tasks for school and home that needed to be completed. Participation has allowed me to focus better, therefore staying on task and organization in life has improved. Everyone was amazing. They never made a question seem stupid. Always welcoming and eager to help and/or service.”

AnonymousGrand Rapids Center, October 2019

“To help our 10 year old better manage their anxiety, impulsivity and get to know herself better and how to better help herself. We have been given several tools to help our 10 year old better help herself. From breathing, to meditation and apps on the phone. It cannot hurt to try out Neurocore. The tools and knowledge about yourself or loved one you gain from Neurocore is worth it.”

AnonymousGrand Rapids Center, October 2019

“My 6 year old son has Autism Spectrum Disorder and suffers from anxiety, sensory, focus issues. I, his ABA therapist and school teachers have noticed a “calming” of my son. He is [improved] in sensory processing and using coping skills to manage his anxiety. I believe continued use of Neurocore feedback training will further relieve the symptoms of anxiety, improve focus and help my son in dealing with life while being on the Autism spectrum.

My son is involved in various therapies to manage his Autism and Neurocore is a great compliment to his other therapies. [Neurocore] has helped my son be more receptive to his ABA therapy, social and academic challenges at school and overall enjoyment of his daily life. His anxiety is lessening and thereby his focus at school is improving as well as interacting with his peers at school.”

AnonymousWest Bloomfield Center, October 2019

“My son went through the treatment program because he was diagnosed as being a slow learner. Because of that, he has difficulty focusing and has also been diagnosed with anxiety and mild depression.

I have seen a significant improvement in his focusing/staying on task at home. He also seems to be in a better mood more often, and less stressed/anxious. He is exercising more too and voluntarily signed up to run for his school’s cross country team. In the past, it was always a struggle to get him to enjoy playing sports.”

Melissa N.Grand Rapids Center, October 2019

“To provide alternatives to medication and aid [my son] develop a different method of strategy. I’ve seen improvement in sleep and in focus at home and at school. Staffing at Neurocore are all very helpful, and friendly.”

AnonymousBoca Raton Center, September 2019

“I have struggled with depression, anxiety, migraines and unknown to me ADHD my whole life. I now feel calmer… and I know I focus better somewhat. I don’t really know how it has helped the migraines yet as they were hormonally related.

I feel much better. I have better sleep and dream more.”

Stephanie V.Grand Rapids Center, September 2019

“I was very stressed, having a hard time staying asleep through the night, and I have depression. My stress level is significantly reduced even after I started back to work teaching this school year.”

Carol L.Grand Rapids Center, September 2019

“To try to seek alternative treatment/therapy for adhd, anxiety and behavioral issues.

I would say much better with anxiety and somewhat better with focus. I notice other issues still persist but not as extreme…”

AnonymousBoca Raton Center, September 2019

“Anxiety and a bit of ADD. Trouble at school with focusing and not being able to concentrate on tasks.

This is the first year that we enjoyed fireworks over the 4th of July as a family. It was always too loud and scared him a lot. He’s learned better coping techniques and doesn’t freak out over noises and new experiences. He’s willing to try things now that he never would have before. Everyone was very friendly and my son felt at ease.”

AnonymousGrand Rapids Center, September 2019

“Ever since my trauma, I have been searching for something to treat my anxiety for over the last 3.5 years and nothing worked other than cannabis. I couldn’t get over 4 hours of sleep a night…My therapist recommended I give Neurocore a try as one of her previous clients had good results.

I can now sleep more than 4 hours a night. I can’t believe how much better my life is now that I’m actually able to sleep! My behavior, attitude and general outlook on life has changed for the better. This has changed my life as I didn’t see any help or support through other means. My anxiety is now at a manageable level. Prior to Neurocore my anxiety would run my life as I would often avoid situations, people, etc.. I now feel in control of my life because of Neurocore.

AnonymousWest Bloomfield Center, September 2019

“To avoid medication.

More calm, not always a struggle every day to follow directions. Even she says her brain isn’t as “crazy” as before.”

Andrea B.Grand Rapids Center, September 2019

“My daughter had trouble focusing in school so we started with this program. She is back to school now but its hard to tell if things have improved since she is only three days in. I do see improvements at home though.

I feel like my life has changed for the better. She is better at following directions and calmer. My daughter used to cry about every little thing that I would ask her to do and now it’s different. She is happier and easier to work with.”

AnonymousGrand Rapids Center, September 2019

“Almost no anger issues. Anxiety is greatly reduced.”

AnonymousGrand Rapids Center, September 2019

“I feel a lot more at ease and I take time to think things through before reacting which has helped both my anxiety and depression!”

Marissa H.Grand Rapids Center, September 2019

“My anxiety and depression was running my life, the program really helped. I did slip up a bit with not following through on everything I needed and my anxiety and depression did come back. I do think the program works.

I do think my life has gotten better as I feel more focused and calm, I do think my anxiety and depression has been reduced but has came back a little so you do have to stick with the program. I think I would defiantly not give up because this program does help but I would stick with it and listen to everything that they tell you to do or you could step back a bit. They are so willing to help so be honest.”

Kristen H.Grand Rapids Center, September 2019

“It was suggested by the pediatric gastroenterologist to do neurofeedback.

My son at 14 had grown inured to my voice. The doctor and myself gave him a list of instructions. This program and its suggestions aligned with the instructions from the doctor. It is like I had a whole other team on my side. More importantly on his side. He understands what he needs to do for his health.”

Tracye O.Grand Rapids Center, September 2019

“To try to seek alternative treatment/therapy for adhd, anxiety and behavioral issues.

I would say much better with anxiety and somewhat better with focus. I notice other issues still persist but not as extreme.”

AnonymousBoca Raton Center, September 2019

“Less anxious, able to cope with problems more rationally. Attention span is better. Improved memory.”

AnonymousBoca Raton Center, September 2019

“ADHD severe symptoms high impulsivity, lack of sleep, poor focus, difficulty with wanting to engage with family.

All family members have noticed a significant change in behaviour, more social, watches films with family, been on family outings, still struggling with some sleep issues, but has been getting up by noon, often 10:30AM each day prior to treatment. Was bad on weekends and start of summer was bad. This has been a large improvement. No issues with impulsive behaviour, better mood too. Prior, was borderline depressed at times. Now willing to participate in exercise. He is 15 going into his junior year of high school and says he has noticed a big improvement.”

Jo-Anne R.Grand Rapids Center, August 2019

“Coping mechanisms like deep breathing are successful and I can manage my stress more effectively.”

AnonymousGrand Rapids Center, August 2019

“My son had issues with focus at school, impulse control (non-violent, lack of attention in class) and somewhat highly energetic. We came to NC as we wanted him to learn to have more self control and exercise more “think before acting” thinking at home and school to help him with distractions when taking a task. He has improved – he is more calm and pays better attention specially at the beginning of the program. It made a big difference in class, even the teacher noticed right away a difference in him. However, I can see that now he is still battling with attention and focus at home, although not as before but focus is an issue still.”

AnonymousBoca Raton Center, July 2019

“Our child was having extreme difficulties in school, at home and in other social situations with impulse control, focus and mood swings due to ADHD. As her parents, we were not ready to implement medication, so a friend had recommended Neurocore as an alternative treatment.

We have noticed a lot of small changes (significant to us simply because we are with her daily) such as: hesitation to act impulsively (we have witnessed a consistent change), eye contact almost always from our child (this never happened for longer than a second or two before), attention to more detail when working on a task (drawing, playing, reading, etc.), ability to sit through a meal without getting up or moving around, some improvement with interruptions when others are speaking, a positive change in sleeping patterns and less outbursts/tantrums when things are not going as planned according to our child. We both agree that it will be interesting to see how things have changed for her once she starts school next week (first grade).”

Kerri T.Grand Rapids Center, July 2019

“I came in so unsure of what I was getting into and skeptical things could actually change for me. Now, upon the completion of the program I am blown away by the results. The careful explainations and attentiveness to my needs helped me feel like I could succeed.

I was sort of curious upon first hearing of Neurocore and although I didn’t have one particular element I particularly wanted to focus on, I was very skeptical that a program could be built for my needs. After attending a lunch and learn event I became more curious. After my initial appointment I was hooked. The staff really helped me to pinpoint what some goals of mine would be and walked alongside me throughout the whole process to make sure that success was achieved. The staff were so encouraging throughout the whole process. Even on the frustrating days and the first few appointments when I was so hard on myself, they were all right there encouraging me not to give up.

I have way more energy and can think more clearly. It’s like the program created extra space in my brain that wasn’t there before. As a result, I am way more confident in myself and my abilities now.”

AnonymousGrand Rapids Center, July 2019

“Anxiety and ADHD that were making daily life difficult. I have tried almost every other method but everything else was aimed at symptoms. It was time to work on the source. I sleep better, my focus has increased and my anxiety levels are lower. But most importantly, I have hope for my future. Hope that I won’t always be this way and that I can actually do something about it.”

Jim H.Grand Rapids Center, June 2019

“I have Bipolar II, anxiety, PTSD, and ADD which leave me with daily symptoms of at least one of those at any given time. I was looking for a drug-free alternative or at least supplement to the low dose of medications and current coping skills that I use.

I feel I’m less stressed, and I notice less daily symptoms. I’m also more educated in overall wellness now. It’s incredibly fascinating to see the science behind things I’ve dealt with mentally for a long time. It’s near impossible to find treatment for my diagnoses that can give a clear indication of improvement. Every single person I have interacted with at this office has been nice, compassionate, and professional. A great team here!”

Lauren T.Sterling Heights Center, June 2019

“I had dropped out of both school and work because my anxiety prevented me from attending them. Basically for a year or so I wasn’t really leaving my house… She recommended a bunch of in-house treatment centers (and similar places) that were either far too expensive or too far away for me to attend. She gave us Neurocore’s name but wasn’t really sure what it was about…

Honestly, I believe the program is great. The environment is calming, I felt a genuine connection with the social workers, and the client advocates made me feel safe and welcome… I felt a connection with all of my technicians and clinicians. I was quite sad that my first clinician left because I especially liked her, but I understand sometimes workers leave and they made me feel comfortable switching to their other clinician.”

Phillip F.Sterling Heights Center, June 2019

“I had really bad anxiety and stress. My sleeping patterns were off and I couldn’t focus. I also have ADHD so I was hoping Neurocore would help me cope with it!

I don’t stress out as much as I used too and I use my breathing techniques to stay calm. My sleeping patterns are more regular and I have noticed my anxiety levels drop since beginning Neurocore. Even if it seems like it’s not helping, keeping going. It takes time before you see results, so be patient! Everyone who works here is the sweetest and made me feel comfortable and not anxious at each of my appointments.”

AnonymousSterling Heights Center, June 2019

“Not being able to sit still in class; to the point he would not finish standardized tests. His inability to focus on the task at hand was interrupting his capabilities to learn and keep up with his schoolwork. Also, anger issues at home were horrible for the entire family, and his not being to go to sleep also added to the problem.

Well, his teachers saw a huge improvement in all aspects including his test-taking which he passed with flying colors after treatment. Also, his anger is almost nonexistent anymore, except when warranted. He also sleeps a regular 9 hours a night without a fight. Very satisfied with the results!

I noticed the days Luca came in for treatment; he was more tired than other nights and enjoyed going to bed earlier.”

Aimee FranquezBoca Raton Center, June 2019

“I came to Neurocore because of my problems with constant depression and anxiety problems. I also struggled with intense chronic migraines and struggling to focus on simple tasks. My life is different now because I feel stronger as a person mentally and emotionally. Tasks that I couldn’t make myself push through before have become more of a breeze and I am very excited to see what this new outlook on life will bring me in the future.

Neurocore is something to just push through. If results are not felt yet that’s okay, because it is a very slow build up and then you just know that something must have worked.”

AnonymousGrand Rapids Center, June 2019

“My daughter has ADHD and was dealing with anxiety and serious angry/mood issues. We came to help her with focus at school. Her grades were suffering very much and doing homework with her was painful for everyone.

Since coming here her moods have improved significantly she has less anger and anxiety and it is such a blessing. Her grades are starting to improve but we still have a bit of work to go… we will probably continue treatment here going forward to help her as much as we can. Love the staff. They are always nice and make a point to talk to [her] and not just me the parent.”

Sarah L.Grandville Center, June 2019

“It feels like the edge has been taken off. The neurofeedback, biofeedback and counseling sessions worked together to reduce the level of anxiety. Though I still deal with occasional anxiety, I feel more empowered to deal with it. I was skeptical, not due to anything specific about Neurocore, it’s just my nature. That’s why the improvement was a welcomed surprise, and less likely to be a placebo effect.

All of the staff are amazing, attentive and caring. Marquel, Stephanie, Ali, Amanda, Raven, Amanda and Kaitlin. Great people. I realize the technology is a major thrust, but the personal treatment and staff knowledge was just as important to success.”

AnonymousSterling Heights Center, June 2019

“My ADD does not impact me as much as it did before. I am a lot more social and do things that I would not have done in the past.”

AnonymousGrand Rapids Center, June 2019

“[My daughter] was diagnosed with ADHD last year. We wanted to try every alternative before putting her on medication. I am so glad we did! Inattention problems, focus. I have seen much improvement in both respects. I see [her] picking up in things that she may have not necessarily picked up on before. Her focus is improved! Everyone that we’ve come in contact with here has been wonderful!”

Sarah R.West Bloomfield Center, June 2019

“Struggles with depression and anxiety.

I am more aware of abnormal thoughts in which I thought were normal thinking for me. Neurocore gave me the clarity in my mind that I needed to sort out positive vs negative thinking and gave me the tools to work on my thinking.”

AnonymousGrand Rapids Center, June 2019

“Lack of focus. Trouble in school with friends and teachers. I only got two emails from his teachers since starting Neurocore, whereas I was getting several a month before. He also has better friendships.”

AnonymousGrandville Center, June 2019

“I wanted to find an alternative way to help my son focus, control impulses and sleep better at night. He’s always been a very active child but in a classroom setting, he’s always had to work harder. I knew he didn’t need medication – but a way to better channel his brain. Neurocore was that solution and I’m so proud of myself and him for making the commitment.

[He] has much better focus – in and out of the classroom. He doesn’t get as emotional around schoolwork and the focus required. He’s “rolling” with things at a much better pace and it’s been delightful to see. He really has improved – and so has his sleep patterns.”

Reagan H.Boca Raton Center, June 2019

“My daughter was involved in a car crash. She was the driver and her best friend was killed. Anxiety and depression were through the roof. Now she is almost back to her normal happy, conversation holding self and wants to participate in life. We love Neurocore. It has changed our families life for the better for both of my girls.”

AnonymousGrand Rapids Center, June 2019

“I have had anxiety most of my life, both learned from family circumstances and abuse, that was carried into adulthood. I went to counseling, was eating healthy, working out and reading books to help myself, but I needed more. This was it! It has been the thing to help make everything come together. I can focus now, not get too anxious or zone out. I can deal with my emotions and the emotions of others as they come and then move on and not ruminate in them. I am so much more happy and peaceful since I started the program.

I can stay in the moment and handle life as it comes. I look forward to the future and have hope it will be good. I can say what I think and feel, communicate so much better. I feel like my old self before life overwhelmed me.”

Jennifer C.Sterling Heights Center, June 2019

“I was experiencing Adult ADHD which led to depression and anxiety. I looked at programs and found Neurocore.

I am a calmer person now. I have to tools to help me in slowing down and not reacting with as much negativity as I did in the past. Life is a lot easier to handle now. I still am a work in progress but with the brain retraining and the talk therapy, I am in a better frame of mind and able to cope with life much better and with a better attitude. You as the patient have to take an active role in your therapy. The therapist can only give you so much. You have to help them help you.”

Lorna S.West Bloomfield Center, June 2019

“My son was diagnosed with ADD/ADHD at 5 years old along with having sleep apnea. He had the surgery for his sleep apnea and is breathing a lot better at night. Then it became an issue with his behavior at school and at home and as a result of that he had to repeat Kindergarten. He was very impulsive, liked to wrestle other kids, couldn’t focus or sit still and that correlated with his reading and writing.

Much much better because now he is focused and he loves doing school work and practice work at home. He even does ABC mouse lessons on his computer. He is more kind and friendly towards his friends, teachers, and family.

This place along with crawl, walk, jump, run therapy has been a huge help for my son and our family. It has only been a little over a year but the improvement is mind-blowing. He’s invited to birthday parties now from classmates, he’s learning about money, he can count by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s, he likes to do school work and read. But most of all he is finally being a kid and you can’t even tell anything was wrong in the first place. You never know what a child is going through by just looking at them. The meltdowns have ceased to a minimum and he is very expressive about how he feels and wants to know everything so he will ask a lot of questions. He also loves dancing and singing along to Michael Jackson. He started drum lessons last December and he practices a lot of his music and even tries to dance like him now. He has such a big personality and is a very smart little boy…He will be able to live his life to the fullest doing what he loves.”

Sabre F.Sterling Heights Center, June 2019

“I have been dealing with years of PTSD, depression, anxiety, lack of focus and overall mindfulness and was tired of not living out my potential. It has been a combination of a few things but the NC program was certainly a catalyst and helped lay a solid foundation of which to go forward with. Love the staff. Very welcoming, professional, and informed.

As a military combat veteran that has struggled with the effects of what war does to the mind I can truly say that this experience has helped me make shifts and see things in a different light. It has helped lay a solid foundation from which I plan to build the next chapters of my life.”

Jarrod F.Grand Rapids Center, May 2019

“I have a history of having been abused as a child and was unaware that I have been in a state of “fight or flight” for most of my 62 years. I have also been treated for cancer and had chemo brain that was not resolved.

It is as if I am a different person. I am calm, I am no longer quick to anger, I sleep well and no longer wake up with a sense of dread. I had no idea that I had moderate depression. I knew that it was somehow tied to my chaotic childhood, but didn’t know how to resolve it. I actually didn’t realize that I was functionally depressed.

That regardless of the frequency of the sessions, the time goes by fast because you’re so focused on good results. I am literally a different person from when I started. I don’t know what could be more important than brain health since it’s tied to so many physical health issues. It is literally the best thing that I’ve ever done for myself. Staff individuals know their jobs well and work together well, it’s a pleasant environment to be in considering the divisive state of our society at this time. Everyone is polite and helpful towards each other.”

Erin P.Sterling Heights Center, May 2019

“My child was having trouble focusing and he was very frustrated with school. He has learned how to calm himself down by taking deep breaths he has become more vocal about his issues with others. He has a willingness to learn. I stopped getting so many phone calls home. School is now more enjoyable for him and that’s amazing.

You should never give up understanding your child’s feelings and recognizing that he/she may need just a little more guidance… I’m so happy I decided to try Neurocore – the experience is amazing!”

Janae G.Grand Rapids Center, May 2019

“When I started, I had just recently separated from my boyfriend and had endured emotional and physical abuse. Just getting through a day of work was a challenge, talking, sleeping – I honestly was very close to ending everything on earth. I’m so thankful to have done this program. The ability to have this meditation tool and use it any time I want has given me peace of mind, focus, drive, motivation, happiness, and the organization skills in my head to sort out my feelings in a positive matter.

The kindness and skills the staff has is immense for me. As I’m writing this I get a little misty-eyed because of…how much I hated myself has affected my life and for the Neurocore staff that helped me to truly love myself and use this secret weapon of breathing to get out of negative jams in my head has affected my life – it’s the most 150% positive life lesson I have achieved. I will continue with this practice of meditating and breathing for the rest of my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Jessica B.Sterling Heights Center, May 2019

“Prior to starting Neurocore, I felt I was constantly spinning my wheels to get or stay energized to either start my day or maintain my energy throughout the day. In addition to that were random bouts of anger or road rage that would ruin my whole day.

Knowing that diaphragmatic breathing is useful, and actually being properly trained on how to practice it, are like night and day. I felt a significant shift in my anxiety levels and my innate response to usually-triggering situations via just not being triggered or being able to breathe through stressful scenarios. Daily practice is key along with an overall healthier lifestyle. Sounds cheesy but it is true although sometimes easier said than done.”

AnonymousBoca Raton Center, May 2019

“My reasons for coming to Neurocore were for misophonia and anxiety. I still have trouble with certain noises, but have tools to use to be able to work through them.

I am more confident in myself. People notice my confidence and positivity. Before Neurocore, I didn’t want to talk to anyone, attend any social events, or do anything beyond my job or my house. Now I want to interact more with others, and don’t get overwhelmed in social situations. I am challenging myself with what I can do, instead of limiting myself with excuses. I feel like a different person.

The counseling sessions with Shelby have been excellent. I have been able to believe in myself and what I can do with her help. I feel like I’ve had many tools to better myself, but through the sessions, I have gained the confidence to know that I can, and have, improved.”

Courtney S.Grand Rapids Center, May 2019

“Difficulty managing high level of stress with family demands and kid behaviors. Big mood swings. Big emotional reactions to husband and kids. [Now] I’m calmer. I have many tools to help manage stress levels. I don’t have big reactions like before. If and when I do have a big reaction, I can quickly refocus, apologize if needed and move forward.”

Michelle S.West Bloomfield Center, May 2019

“I was going through a really challenging time in my life and my ADHD, anxiety, and depression were out of control. I did not feel like myself and I really needed help getting my mind and body back to a good balance. I feel a greater sense of hope and balance in my life. I feel that Neurocore has provided me with a lot of resources and support and I really needed that in my life.

I feel a greater sense of hope and balance in my life. I feel that Neurocore has provided me with a lot of resources and support and I really needed that in my life. Don’t hesitate to be honest with the things you are struggling with and to ask for help. The staff is focused on helping you in every area of your life. The more honest you are, the greater potential you have to heal.

Tracy is beyond amazing. She has done an excellent job explaining every step of the treatment process. She explained every step in such a clear and easy way to understand. Tracy is also really good at listening to my concerns and struggles with a non-judgmental and genuine concern for my well-being. She asks the hard questions and challenges me to improve the way that I think and to be kinder to myself. She has also provided me with additional resources such as recipes which has helped me greatly during this stage of my life, making it easier to incorporate healthy foods. I am very thankful for her support and encouragement!

The staff at Neurocore exceed every category. The staff went far above and beyond my expectations and my experiences receiving other health services. The staff always listened to my concerns and struggles with a non-judgmental and genuine concern for my well-being. The staff went above and beyond going out of their way to help me. They provided me with additional support and resources (e.g., allowed me to do a meditation in an open office before or after my sessions, provided me with plenty of exercise and nutritional resources, and helped me problem solve/provide many options to help me improve every section covered in the 30 day brain optimization book. I am beyond grateful for the genuine and kind support that Neurocore has provided me with throughout this very challenging time in my life. This program has allowed me to get closer back to a healthy balance in my life.”

AnonymousGrand Rapids Center, May 2019

“My 7-year-old son struggled with two main issues, ADHD and sleep interruption. In an effort to avoid medication, we decided to try Neurocore. His sleep improved almost immediately. He is more focused now and his teacher reported a significant improvement in behavior and his ability to focus and complete assignments after about the halfway mark.

I so appreciate this alternative to medicine. I was skeptical that this would work but am convinced that Neurocore made a huge difference for my son. Thank you to the great team at the West Bloomfield location!”

Elana R.West Bloomfield Center, May 2019

“I had high levels of stress and an overactive brain that never slowed down causing lack of sleep. I now use my breathing technique to go to sleep. I also find myself slowing down and remaining more calm about many things that would previously stress me out or annoy me. I have more patience and accomplish more in my day in a calmer way.

I initially thought the commitment would be difficult to keep, but I gradually saw the improvements and looked forward to the treatment to help my lifelong change. The outcome really has beat my expectation. My kids say I’m nicer and more chill. It worked so well I enrolled my daughter in the program to help her ADHD. I also didn’t realize you could come back to be tested well beyond the completion of the program. I found that a pleasant surprise. The program should be expanded to help more people…The program is well worth the time and money, it’s an investment in your life.”

AnonymousSterling Heights Center, May 2019

“Our son had anxiety that was interfering with his daily activities. He is noticeably different with less anxiety. Even his teachers have noticed a difference.”

Michelle D.Grand Rapids Center, April 2019

“High anxiety and stress also couldn’t sleep well. Lower anxiety and stress and sleeping much better now. A good program to improve overall health.”

AnonymousWest Bloomfield Center, April 2019

“Hudson’s teacher thought he may have ADHD and he had a hard time focusing & staying on task. Hudson is now able to focus & stay on task at school & home.”

Shannon H.Grandville Center, April 2019

“I’m more calm, and can think more clearly. I have more focus and concentration.”

David C.West Bloomfield Center, April 2019

“My son was very distracted in school and high energy at home. Since halfway into his sessions, I’ve seen him be a bit calmer and is more focused on his school work.”

AnonymousBoca Raton Center, April 2019

“Hard to say with various changes in work and school. The job I’m currently at, working at the front desk, I don’t think I would have even applied for before Neurocore.”

Kylie W.Grand Rapids Center, April 2019

“Very interesting. Interested in final post-treatment evaluation. I feel very relaxed and organized. Good info regarding diet, foods, supplements for brain optimization and building. Found brain wave based info very interesting. Excellent staff, found everyone well educated and relatable.”

AnonymousGrandville Center, April 2019

“My son had a hard time focusing and staying on task. After trying multiple medications & dosages we thought we would try Neurocore as an alternative. My son is now able to stay focused and complete assignments…”

AnonymousSterling Heights Center, April 2019

“Our 10-year-old daughter was having self-control issues – outbursts, screaming, yelling and very combative. She would constantly fight us when we would ask her to do even simple tasks, such as take a shower. We were to the point where something needed to be done and we felt like we needed outside help.

Our daughter is so much happier and her outbursts are few and far between. Neurocore hasn’t completely solved all the problems, but it has helped greatly. She is more able to control herself and has even been able to notice when she is starting to escalate, and can calm herself down. She has also started to take responsibility for her actions and not just blame others, like she did before.”

Danielle N.Sterling Heights Center, April 2019

“My daughter was having difficulty with school, anxiety, and focus on tasks that weren’t of high interest to her. Her school anxiety has improved greatly. Rather than experiencing anxiety-related difficulties on multiple mornings each week, we’ve only had 4 rough mornings since December! She reports that it’s easier to focus at school too!

I was admittedly very skeptical going into this experience but was willing to try anything at that point! I didn’t want to put my daughter on medication unless it was absolutely necessary, so I figured this was worth a try. I’m so pleased to say that we made the right choice! I look forward to seeing how things go for her moving forward!”

Amy K.West Bloomfield Center, April 2019

“I am recovering from a surgery that affected my brain, causing extreme anxiety, memory loss and an overall feeling of “pending doom”. I was unable to work due to my cognitive deficiencies. Since I have completed the 30 session treatment virtually all of my symptoms have reduced to a negligible concern and I am back to work full time. If you are an aging adult and you are experiencing memory loss and overall lack of focus. Please sign up for the 30 session course it will improve your quality of life more than you can imagine.”

Duane P.West Bloomfield Center, April 2019

“To help my anxiety, to help find techniques to have more energy, and to improve my sleep and sleep quality. I am definitely a lot less anxious, I have found ways to get more energy, and my sleep has definitely improved. My experience was extremely satisfactory and I started with my very bad symptoms of anxiety, low energy, and low sleep quality. Once I got about half way through my sessions, I started to see improvements. I loved this whole thing and the people are very nice and care about their patients.”

AnonymousGrandville Center, April 2019

“All of the employees were way above anything I had expected! Their interest in me, their cheerfulness and how they made me feel so valued was such a gift to me. I live alone, so this connection not only helped my brain, but spoke to my heart! I look forward to every session I had! I have to admit that Jess, Zoey and Christian were exceptional! They truly became friends to me. I even took a photo will all of them to have on my photo board at home.

Also, when Neurocore changed the office hours, I was able to connect with the main office about how that effected me. I was listened to, felt heard and was even allowed to come in before 2pm. I may not have been able to complete the program if this didn’t happen. Thank you! I look forward to seeing my test results after these 30 sessions. I will be exciting to see the data that supports this wonderful experience for me!”

Barb G.Grandville Center, April 2019

“Our daughter was having issues with anxiety and would ask teachers to go to the office for belly aches and wanting space from the classroom. She was also getting physical when stressed and feeling overwhelmed.

Since participating in the program our daughter has learned how to regulate her stress. She is able to breathe through events. She is also able to verbalize her feelings to let the adult know and that way they can talk her through or help her with breathing. At home she is able to walk away from situations that make her anxious or stressed and talk to us about her feelings. She also seems to have more time to think through events and make rational decisions.”

Tiffany R.Grand Rapids Center, April 2019

“I totally feel more “settled” and able to think through my work day than I did before. IF I keep to a regular sleep schedule and remember to breathe, eat properly and exercise (even just a little!) the benefits are multiplied.

I love the front office staff and their encouraging presence each and every time I came into the center.”

Nancy V.Grand Rapids Center, April 2019

“Son with ADHD, failing in school due to impulsivity and a complete lack of focus. Constantly getting in trouble and ‘out of control’.

Much fewer outbursts and much better control of emotions. When he is upset he can quickly calm himself without having a meltdown.”

AnonymousGrandville Center, April 2019

“My brother recommended it to me and it sounded really interesting and like something that could possibly help me. I am a lot better at handling stress and focusing in school. I didn’t consider myself to have any major mental health problems but neurocore was still able to help me significantly.”

AnonymousGrandville Center, March 2019

“I was struggling with anxiety towards school and never thought that it was ADHD. After many breakdowns in the school bathroom and too man absences, I decided that I should get some help. I went to the doctor first and they recommended therapy. My mom found neurocore online and we decided to try it out.

I actually feel like doing things now. I used to stay inside all day on my laptop but now I want to hang with my friends or go outside with my dogs. I am doing a lot better in school now that I don’t feel that anxiety and I can actually focus on what my teachers are saying instead of dazing off. It doesn’t work unless you put in time outside of your sessions.”

AnonymousGrandville Center, March 2019

“I came here to help with sleeping and focusing in school. I didn’t fall asleep quickly and had a restless sleep and troubles waking up in the morning. With my focus, I found my self daydreaming and just not paying attention in school. After going through the program i found my self paying attention in school and falling asleep quicker and having a more sound sleep however I still have problems waking up in the morning. I noticed results after only a few weeks of starting.”

AnonymousGrand Rapids Center, March 2019

“My son was experiencing issues at school with possible ADD/ADHD, lack of focus, anxiety and impulse control. He was also exhibiting some anger at home and loved the word no. He often would yell or have meltdowns when getting home from school.

School has improved greatly. We still have some work to do but I am not getting text messages or phone calls from the teacher on a regular basis. He more often times comes home and says he had a good day.
There are some evenings at home when there are still meltdowns, however they are less frequent. His anger seems to be subsiding.

It was a long drive for us three times a week from Columbus in St Clair County, but I think it was worth it. I think my son thinks it was worth it as well.”

AnonymousSterling Heights Center, March 2019

“We came here for our 8-year-old son, he was extremely impulsive, not listening, hitting, and running away at school. After multiple calls home from school and having to pick him up on 2 separate occasions, we knew we had to try something else. It was very quick and easy to schedule his evaluation and start treatment. Now his impulses are more normal for an 8-year-old boy, and school is going much better.

We are all much more calm, He is less impulsive, takes breathing breaks, and seems to have better control of his body.”

AnonymousGrandville Center, March 2019

“I had a hard time focusing and I was wondering if i had ADHD. I now have better coping skills and it’s easier to focus. The staff is very nice and understanding. Feel free to tell them what’s on your mind. Every time we came in the staff welcomed us and was very helpful in explaining each visit and answering any questions we may have had.”

AnonymousGrand Rapids Center, March 2019

“The reason I came to Neurocore was to address what I thought was a memory problem. After 30 sessions I now have a much better understanding of how much I do remember and with proper breathing, I can better deal with daily remember requirements. Along with proper diet and sleep.

After partaking in the Neurocore sessions, I have slowed down my breathing which has resulted in me to better deal with all the complex issues I confront daily.”

Robert S.Sterling Heights Center, March 2019

“We mainly came to Neurocore to improve my son’s attention and his memory. I see he is more independent with his homework, more responsible and able to organize by himself with his school work. I believe taking Omega 3 and follow the recommendations Neurocore provides in the orange book, is very helpful to succeed.”

AnonymousWest Bloomfield Center, March 2019

“I came to Neurocore because I struggle with anxiety and depression. I was looking for anything that would give me relief from these symptoms. My stress and anxiety levels have reduced…Everyone at Neurocore was so friendly and all have great attitudes. Easy to talk to.”

AnonymousGrandville Center, March 2019

“My major concern was that my kid was with a lot of anger and unrespectful behavior and some kind of depression and lack of interest in school. Things are now a huge difference. I see my kid now motivated with school, he is doing a lot of sports and he is now more responsible. He can sometimes get unrespectful but after a few minutes, he realizes that he has done something wrong and he feels bad and asks for an apology.

…The major change that I noticed with this program was that my son was calm and the anger was not there. It’s like going to do meditation to release your stress.”

Lourdes D.Boca Raton Center, March 2019

“Kendyls focus and grades have gotten much better, but if you ask Kendyl what she learned from her experiences and says “nothing”.

Mark S.Sterling Heights, March 2019

“The strategies I learned have helped me remember to breathe, which has really helped keep my anxiety symptoms under control (tightening of the chest; heart racing).  I will forever have the “blue ball” embedded in my thoughts. It is a great way to ensure that I keep breathing :-). Each technician really listened to me when I talked. It was refreshing! Excellent customer service at every touch point!”

Suzanne R.Grand Rapids Center, March 2019

“I am sleeping better and learned the breathing techniques to help fall back asleep and to use in stressful situations. I feel more focused… I look forward to seeing the final test results. Overall I do feel much better than before and happy I did the program!

I really did notice a big change and thankful I did the program. The biggest change is being able to sleep well again… I think the breathing helped a lot with stress/sleep and migraine issues. Sleeping better has lessened the migraine attacks, although I do still get them, not as frequently. It’s amazing to have an all natural approach to these very common issues many people face in today’s stressful world.”

AnonymousBoca Raton Center, March 2019

“…Neurocore was a perfect treatment choice for our son. Prior to coming, he was not able to focus on the task at hand or even sit at the dinner table and make it through dinner without getting up to go do something else.

Since starting Neurocore our son now can sit through dinner without leaving the table. He is now able to work on his homework independently without constant redirection.”

AnonymousSterling Heights Center, March 2019

“Very different no longer feeling mood swings and are much more bearable and easier to resolve. No longer having issues with focusing on tasks for long periods of time.”

Thomas K.West Bloomfield Center, February 2019

“I was having trouble sleeping I went from not sleeping and never being tired to being super tired and having no energy and not wanting to get up and go to work in the mornings which was very unlike me.

I am no longer struggling with the same energy level and depressive mindset. I am back to my normal self of wanting to be at work and being generally excited and happy about life in general. I have also been able to improve my sleeping habits. Although it can still be a struggle to fall asleep sometimes I am finally sleeping through the night and getting at least 6 hours on a regular basis.”

AnonymousSterling Heights Center, February 2019

“Major, treatment-resistant depression and anxiety. Drug therapy and ECT not effective. Depression not nearly as severe as it was earlier in the program. Cannot be certain if this is a permanent improvement since it is typically cyclic over several weeks or months…”

Wayne C.Sterling Heights Center, February 2019

“I had very poor sleep, high anxiety even on meds. Not having sleep disturbed everything else in my life. I wake up before my alarm feeling refreshed and energized. My anxiety level has decreased a lot. I haven’t seen my doctor since treatment began. When I look back at my life to the days leading up to treatment, I can see how difficult it was to get through the day.

The actual brain training is painless and actually fun and relaxing. The staff at Neurocore is top notch! I will miss them!”

Joell S.Grandville Center, February 2019

“I needed a change in direction and Neurocore gave me just that. My life is back to normal and I’m back to being myself.”

Ryan K.Grandville Center, February 2019

“Anxiety and depression is almost gone. Neurocore was very helpful for my anxiety and stress.”

Linda C.Boca Raton Center, February 2019

“Having panic attacks a few times a day and wanted to try something outside of therapy. My anxiety is controllable and has been near nonexistent. A huge change.”

AnonymousGrandville Center, February 2019

“Anxiety and stress were active at the forefront of my daily life, and I wanted to add a tool to my toolkit to better manage both. I have experienced meaningful improvements, including the ability to publicly speak in front of hundreds and handle confrontational/stressful events with more in-the-moment mindfulness, including using deep breathing to calm and center.

At most, I expected to have another resource at my disposal during times of stress and worry. This has far exceeded my expectations. I notice a difference in everyday interactions – not just during anxiety/stress peaks. I have the ability to think about things in stride and not escalate my worry or concern beyond what the situation truly deserves. I truly didn’t expect to notice the small changes that make up the everyday. Everyone was very attentive and thoughtful in addressing any concerns/feedback.”

Jodie K.Grand Rapids Center, February 2019

“I feel more confident to get my life back and go back to school without having a breakdown. I have my confidence back, happiness…I have mental stability and my personality is back. It’s amazing.

If looking for a more natural substitute for medicine or another way to help better yourself I would recommend Neurocore. I feel so much happier now and everyone is great to talk with, you feel welcomed. The environment is great so I had nothing bad overall to say.”

AnonymousSterling Heights Center, February 2019

“Halfway through Neurocore, his teacher has noticed an improvement on his verbal responses and he’s getting more work done. YAY!

Ethan is now able to acknowledge and complete tasks the first time he is asked, if he chooses to…he’s still an 11-year-old boy. I no longer have to search for my child, who is hiding extremely well, before the school day starts because he is so anxious about “not getting it” at school. He smiles and laughs so much more now. I feel like I have my baby back!!”

Donna F.Sterling Heights Center, February 2019

“Jacob is on the Autism spectrum with ADHD and had bouts of meltdowns often. He is having an easier time focusing in school, meltdowns are nothing like they were previous to the program and he seems calmer and happier. They always explained everything so my 10 & 12 year olds could understand and answered all of their sometimes off-topic questions”

Sarah N.Thrive Remote Program, February 2019

“My son has suffered from ADD since 3rd grade. Drove by your office and I was curious by the name so I googled it and here we are. Best decision I ever made, it was hard to see him struggle so much before.

He is concentrating better and not getting mad like he used to for no reason. His attitude has changed so much since the second week of the program, that makes things easier on him and the rest of the family.”

Maria M.Boca Raton Center, February 2019

“I thought I was recovered from a bad bout of PTSD I had two years ago but I was very much depressed and anxious. I couldn’t sleep well and was lethargic. I was on a really high dose of antidepressants and suffering severely from the side effects.

…I sleep like a baby at night. I get so much more during the day. I feel anxious where there is a need to be anxious and it goes away as soon as the threat is resolved. Neurocore was the best decision I ever made, it completely changed my life. I wish I could be a Neurocore “Lifer” as I reacted so well to the program. I would love to come every week for the rest of my life.”

Josselin S.Grand Rapids Center, January 2019

“I have been sleeping better, so my energy has increased.”

Luciane O.Boca Raton Center, January 2019

“Nathan is diagnosed with ADD and ODD. My main reason was to address his behavior outbursts when things didn’t go his way. He was extremely high anxiety and used both fight and flight as defense mechanisms to the extreme. He would run away, slam doors, break his toys. When I gave him several prompts to prepare him for the change, it would take up to an hour before he would accept it without incident.

Nathan is much more able to accept directives that he may not like. He does not have the extreme fight and flight reactions. He still will tantrum, but it is just slightly over the average 8 year old oppositional behavior. I can give him only 2-3 prompts over a maximum of 15 minutes in order for him to transition without incident. Even though his mood and impulse behaviors were my main issues, I was very pleased that his ability to attend to tasks improved as well, including his focus on homework without me sitting right with him, as well as 3rd grade level chapter books and not comic books only. His teacher at school commented on seeing a change as well in his attention.”

Theresa P.Sterling Heights Center, January 2019

“My life was chaotic to me. Lots of stress, anxiety, depression and sleepless nights. The level of anxiety and stress has decreased significantly. Depression no longer rules the day and I have been sleeping better. I practice meditation, eat better, and excessive more which I believe have helped as well.”

AnonymousGrandville Center, January 2019

“I wanted a reduction in my ADHD symptoms. I am better able to accomplish daily tasks like paperwork and keeping appointments because I can maintain consistent focus. I am able to stay mentally present, but don’t get overwhelmed by thinking about the bigger picture of a situation. I also have noticed having less general anxiety, and I feel more stable and confident in myself. I bite my nails less as well.”

Breanne K.Grand Rapids Center, January 2019

“I came to neurocore for memory problems, anxiety and focus. My memory is so much better. I can actually remember peoples names better and information that people share with me. I don’t feel like my skin is crawling anymore with hyperactivity. I feel a lot more focused and calm overall. I can actually read and stay focused on what I am reading.

You have to give neurocore a try. It has changed my life for the better. I feel like a new person and I feel that I got my brain back, but a better version.”

AnonymousSterling Heights Center, January 2019

“As an alternative to medication to help my child. I notice minor changes in my child that have a significant impact on his overall behavior. Staff at West Bloomfield is amazing. Very welcoming, accommodating, personable, and knowledgeable!”

Darlene B.West Bloomfield Center, January 2019

“I’ve been suffering from depression, anxiety, and ADHD my whole life. Been on a lot of different medication and I just wanted to find a way to improve my mental health. I can see the changes in my anxiety and depression and ADHD. I can focus a lot better now and my depression is finally under control for the first time in years.

I’ve noticed a big improvement in my ADHD I can focus a lot more now. I can actually complete tasks now. Also a huge improvement with my depression. I don’t feel the dark cloud over me every day now and I also noticed my anxiety has improved a whole lot also. Everyone is very helpful and understanding and very informational”

Paige B.West Bloomfield Center, January 2019

“We came to Neurocore to help with focus and attention. There has been a significant increase in Justin’s focus and attention at school. Neurocore has been a great experience.”

Scott D.Grand Rapids Center, January 2019

“Major depression and anxiety brought me to Neurocore, I wanted to find methods other than medicine that would help.

I have much more energy and motivation than I did before Neurocore. I’ve even started exercising again and sleeping an appropriate amount.”

AnonymousSterling Heights Center, January 2019

“After an extremely stressful period and year, I was having a hard time coming out of the stressed and anxious phase… my mind and body weren’t recovering. (Menopause was not helping either)…I wanted to try something medication free. I heard great things about it. Although expensive for me, it was well worth it…

I feel ready to face my life and challenges that come with life in general! I even feel confident enough to start a new job! I don’t wake up every morning with that jittery, fearful, awful feeling that I lived with for over a year… it’s awesome. The deep breathing is a lifesaver! And the tips on meditation also. Also, tips on supplements and lifestyle is all great stuff. Everyone here is so kind and personable as well as empathetic…so easy to talk to and relatable. Great tips on coping with issues too. I will miss my sessions. I feel like I made new friends!”

Sharon L.Grandville Center, January 2019

“The goal was to add a tool to Cooper’s toolkit, and I feel we have accomplished that! I often receive unsolicited positive feedback from teachers, other clinicians, and friends about Cooper. I believe that his personality has more of an opportunity to shine through now that he’s not as cloaked in anxiety. It is a commitment, but it is absolutely worth it!”

Jodie K.Grand Rapids Center, January 2019

“I was having trouble with my ADHD and my mother found out about the program from work. She told me about it so I looked into it and agreed to do it.

It blew my expectations away and wowed me. I feel as if I am in more control of my organized life and I am better prepared to carry out my everyday activities.  Everyone was super nice. Made me feel welcome and excited me to come in every session.”

AnonymousWest Bloomfield Center, January 2019

“I was having focus issues and really struggling with getting enough sleep at night was also starting to struggle with anxiety. I sleep through the night!! I no longer walk into a room and wonder what I needed to do in there! My anxiety is better and I have been given life long tools to help me through it.

I LOVE my girl Zoe, so friendly and professional so helpful with providing useful information and she took great care of me when I wasn’t feeling my best! Teresa was such a friendly face to see and really provided some helpful tips for issues I was struggling with!”

Shelli K.Grandville Center, January 2019

“My child is confident, less anxious and more focused. Always made my kids, the client, feel important and valued.”

AnonymousGrandville Center, January 2019

“I was at the lowest, darkest place in my life. I felt like my life was over. The depression, anxiety, and  ADHD was taking over me and I didn’t know what else to do.

I am able to go out and try different things, before I didn’t believe in myself. I have learned to relax better which has abled me to talk to my family better. I think everyone should have the chance to do this. Our lives are so much busier than before that we just need to learn how to breathe to relax. I cannot believe how much more I feel recharged when I breathe. I practice 4-5 times a day. I tell everyone about Neurocore. My granddaughter has come for her anxiety, and I couldn’t wait till she started the program. Just the sparkle in her eye when she told me all about it was the best thing in the world. She was so relaxed after. My husband also has agreed to give it a try. I couldn’t be happier that I have shown him it can be done.”

Cheryl S.Sterling Heights Center, January 2019

“My life has changed drastically in regards to sleep. Before Neurocore I was sleeping an average of 3-3.5 hours per night. Now I am sleeping up to 6-7 hours a night. I haven’t been sleeping consistently for that amount of time in 2 years. It was like a light switch turned on right after my 20th session. I started falling asleep around 9pm at night instead of 3am and staying asleep all night long without waking up. I have also noticed that my body feels more relaxed when in stressful situations and feeling less anxious. Or if I do feel stressed it is for short periods of time 30 min – 1 hour instead of 2-3 days.”

AnonymousGrand Rapids Center, December 2018

“I came to Neurocore because I was entering my third year in college and was already anxious about presentations and other work that I knew was to come. I knew I shouldn’t be worried about it, but I couldn’t really help the worrying. I had a cousin that went through the program and saw him become much less anxious and uptight, so I decided I wanted to see if Neurocore would be a solution for me. Anxiety isn’t something I only felt this year, but it was the most it has affected my life. It is something I knew I could handle but realized I shouldn’t be feeling like it was such a burden.

Neurocore helped me control my anxiety and it taught me how to change simple things in my daily routine that will prevent anxiety again in the future. I know I will face stressful situations many more times throughout my life, and now I have a foundation to prepare me to handle those occasions.

The whole experience is much less uncomfortable than I imagined. After day one, I felt self-conscious about having wires attached to my head, and if my screen shrunk it was embarrassing to me. But I realized that everyone was very kind and did not judge at all. At the same time, no one was so nice that I felt uncomfortable in the opposite way.”

AnonymousGrand Rapids Center, December 2018

“As a person with Narcolepsy, I was struggling a lot with fatigue and low energy. I also had impulse control difficulties and pretty severe depression.

Now, I know better coping skills and better lifestyle habits. When I implement the recommended lifestyle changes including regular exercise and good sleep hygiene, I do much better. I get better sleep which improves my Narcolepsy symptoms and I sleep much less during the day, allowing me to live life more. Because I can do more, my Depression also improves.

I would recommend Neurocore. Its important to keep in mind that to see real dramatic improvement, you not only need to attend sessions and do neurofeedback, but also put in the effort on your end to follow the lifestyle changes Neurocore recommends along with it.”

Kristen K.Grand Rapids Center, December 2018

“Help with test anxiety and perform better in sports and standardized exams.

It helped me with the symptoms of anxiety and depression. I don’t have panic attacks during [testing].”

Afiel S.West Bloomfield Center, December 2018

“I get along really well with the clinicians and technicians that treat me like a normal person. After a few sessions getting a breathing belt is not scary, touching my ears is not scary, I just want to get to it. I really appreciated those who just talked to me about the day or about the movie rather than acting like everything was a huge deal.

Shelby is the best! She has a great personality that feels very personable and relatable right away. I really looked forward to my sessions when she was working!”

Nicole B.Grand Rapids Center, December 2018

“I had high levels of stress and anxiety, on top of severe depression. I couldn’t seem to get out of the chronic funk I was in and couldn’t get rid of the negative black cloud that followed me everywhere. I had been looking for a job for 2 years, with no luck, which only put me in a more depressed state every time I didn’t get a job I interviewed for. I was screaming and snapping at people when things got to be too much for me, and nobody liked being around me.

I find myself singing, which I hadn’t done in a very long time. I am totally amazed at the turnaround of my life, thanks to Neurocore. Apparently, it has helped put a more positive cloud around me because I have gotten 3 jobs in the past month, and just got an interview for a job with the Federal Government! Things don’t get to me as easily as they did before, and I am forever grateful! I also noticed my memory has improved, which is an awesome side benefit.

If you feel like your life is out of control, feel depressed, or just can’t find anything good going on in your life, Neurocore is exactly what you need. I feel like I’m much more in control of my emotions and my life.”

Sandi W.Grand Rapids Center, December 2018

“I can fall asleep much easier now and my anxiety has decreased drastically. I have been able to make new friends very quickly now and I can think inside my head without having to talk out loud. My outlook on life has improved a ton too, I no longer lie in bed in the morning without the ability to move from my depression. I am significantly happier with my life now than I was before.

This is a great program that takes an equal amount of effort from the patient as well as the service providers. They are all very nice and helpful and make me feel welcome at their center. They know me by name and are skilled in carrying on conversations, which has helped me in my own interaction with others outside of the program!”

Kaleb W.Grandville Center, December 2018

“I was feeling overwhelmed and anxious with work and life. Lacked focus and motivation at work and was seeing difficulties with memory. Felt very annoyed with my co-workers and my family over very silly and inconsequential things. Needed to figure out what was going on to make me feel like this.

I have better focus and drive. My sleep has gotten much better (partially due to now having a C-PAP machine). I have been shown better strategies for improving my memory. I am feeling much more patient, less annoyed and have a higher sense of overall calmness, focus and purpose. Starting to do things and set new goals for myself that I never would have even considered 6 months ago before I started the program. Just generally feel “cleaned up” in my head.

The Social Workers that I have had the pleasure of meeting with a Neurocore have been so pleasant, patient and interested in my life and progress in all of the areas that we talk about (Sleep, Breathing, Nutrition, Exercise). They have inspired me to try new things, set different strategies and both short and long-term goals for making incremental improvements in these very important categories of life. I have connected well with them and will miss the regular interaction to share my small victories and advances in my life and well-being.”

AnonymousGrand Rapids Center, December 2018

“…I couldn’t sleep through the night, I had debilitating anxiety, and panic attacks were a normal occurrence for me. I felt out of control and uncomfortable in my own body and mind.

My life has improved dramatically since I started my Neurocore treatment. I sleep peacefully through the night. I am able to face mental challenges with more ease, as resulted through successfully sitting for an 8-hour exam that I was unable to complete before Neurocore. I experience less headaches overall, and no longer feel debilitated as a victim to my emotions. Neurocore has been amazing for me! I have improved so much. Everyone who works here is so accommodating, knowledgeable, and helpful. I would recommend Neurocore to anyone I know. It has made remarkable changes in my life that I didn’t even know were possible.”

Alexa L.Palm Beach Gardens Center, December 2018

“I now fall asleep with ease and experience very little anxiety and have barely any problem focusing.”

AnonymousGrand Rapids Center, December 2018

“Less anxiety in daily activities.”

AnonymousGrand Rapids Center, December 2018

“I wanted to find a good way to treat depression and anxiety without medication. I do feel less anxious, less prone to panic, and I am starting to find it easier not to think negatively, or to keep myself from giving up on life. The Neurocore program itself was not that difficult. It can be very helpful, so it’s worth sticking through to the end.

I found the clinicians to be extremely helpful, friendly, and courteous. They listened well to my needs and concerns, and I felt that they truly cared about my wellbeing. They were more than willing to do what they could to help me achieve greater balance and overall health. I felt that I could comfortably conversate with them, and express my needs and concerns. I found Shelby to be particularly helpful, but every one of them made me feel welcome and cared for. It was a pleasure consulting with them.”

AnonymousGrand Rapids Center, December 2018

“I experience significantly decreased levels of day to day anxiety and my depressive symptoms have nearly been [gone].”

Peyton M.Sterling Heights Center, November 2018

“More active, more at peace, better time management skills.”

AnonymousGrandville, November 2018

“I can multitask better, remember what I was doing a few minutes ago better, and I just overall have better mental focus and clarity.”

Matthew P.Grandville, December 2018

“The views expressed above are the personal views of the reviewer and are based on the reviewer’s experience with the completion of Neurocore’s 30-session program. Results will vary. Consumers should not expect to experience the same results.”

Clients Have Seen Improvements With ADHD Sleep Anxiety Depression Memory Stress Migraines Focus Panic Attacks

“The views expressed below are the personal views of the reviewer and are based on the reviewer’s experience with the completion of Neurocore’s 30-session program. Results will vary. Consumers should not expect to experience the same results.”

Neurocore makes no claims that it can cure any conditions, including any conditions referenced on its website or in print materials, including ADHD, anxiety, autism, depression, traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress disorder, migraines, headaches, stress, sleep disorders, Alzheimer’s and dementia.  If you take prescription medications for any of these conditions, you should consult with your doctor before discontinuing use of such medications.