The views expressed below are the reviewers’ personal opinions after completing Neurocore’s 30-session program. Consumers should not expect to experience the same results, nor should they reduce or discontinue any medication without first consulting with their physician.

“I was going through a really challenging time in my life and my ADHD, anxiety, and depression were out of control. I did not feel like myself and I really needed help getting my mind and body back to a good balance. I feel a greater sense of hope and balance in my life. I feel that Neurocore has provided me with a lot of resources and support and I really needed that in my life.

Don’t hesitate to be honest with the things you are struggling with and to ask for help. The staff is focused on helping you in every area of your life. The more honest you are, the greater potential you have to heal.

Tracy is beyond amazing. She has done an excellent job explaining every step of the treatment process. She explained every step in such a clear and easy way to understand. Tracy is also really good at listening to my concerns and struggles with a non-judgmental and genuine concern for my well-being. She asks the hard questions and challenges me to improve the way that I think and to be kinder to myself. She has also provided me with additional resources such as recipes which has helped me greatly during this stage of my life, making it easier to incorporate healthy foods. I am very thankful for her support and encouragement!

The staff at Neurocore exceed every category. The staff went far above and beyond my expectations and my experiences receiving other health services. The staff always listened to my concerns and struggles with a non-judgmental and genuine concern for my well-being. The staff went above and beyond going out of their way to help me. They provided me with additional support and resources (e.g., allowed me to do a meditation in an open office before or after my sessions, provided me with plenty of exercise and nutritional resources, and helped me problem solve/provide many options to help me improve every section covered in the 30 day brain optimization book. I am beyond grateful for the genuine and kind support that Neurocore has provided me with throughout this very challenging time in my life. This program has allowed me to get closer back to a healthy balance in my life.”

“I was seeking a way to not only better control my emotions but expand my focus in my meetings. I was also looking to reduce my anxiety when handling unexpected situations. In addition, I was hoping to be able to stay on task.

I now can better control my emotions as well as see a reduction in my stress and anxiety. I also now am getting frustrated when I see others jump from task-to-task like I used to do..”

“I was having trouble in college focusing and taking time out of my life to study. Although I have not yet started school again since I started the program, I feel a change in how I separate my schedule during the day. I also find myself planning ahead more.

My sleeping patterns have improved. They taught me techniques to fall asleep if I can’t. All of the ladies that did my weekly treatment were great, very friendly and efficient! I enjoyed coming every week!”

“Pretty bad focus and attention issues, leading to a lot of stress in my life. Led to sleep issues and the like. My doctor brought Neurocore up as a possibility and I decided to go with it.

My outlook is definitely a lot more positive than before, and my diet and sleep schedule have benefited. Most importantly, though, my attention and focus have gotten much better. It’s not perfect yet, but there’s always room for improvement, and there’s a definite noticeable difference from before.”

“To help with the ADHD, depression, sleep and memory issues.

So much better, I found out I often am going too fast and doing the program, taught me how to slow down and recognize when I am going too fast and fix the problem. Everyone was always very nice and really cared about you.”

“Wife found it… Too much about my life felt “off” for being in a relatively good place at home, work, etc. I didn’t literally think, “boy, my ADHD is a major issue… I need to fix that!” It was more a self-confession that the way my life felt must not be as good as it can be.

Improved clarity, drive, promptness and more responsible with things like sleep. When I speak to another person, I feel like it’s me doing the talking. I do far more of the things I say I’m going to do. To do lists don’t bother me as much. I don’t feel frustrated there’s no time… not just anxious and stressed. I am on time for work every day for the first time in my adult life. That’s a big deal and it feels good. Even when I’m behind getting out the door in the morning, I get into an auto pilot mode and figure it out. Getting great feedback at work too… a job I’ve been at 6 years. I don’t necessarily sleep more often or eat better… but my awareness that sleep, diet, exercise, breathing, is much better. None of this however feels like a magic trick. I haven’t been hypnotized or changed. But when considering all of the subtle changes and how they matter in day to day life for both me and the people that matter in my life… it’s a really big deal.

Give it a try. After 30 visits I still really don’t know how a program packaged so innocently can do so much in improving quality of life, but it does. It’s fine to have expectations but I would argue that it’s not important. Take the plunge, it’s not scary, and feel your life slowly changing. Count up all the little improvements at the end, and be happy.

The two ladies I met with most frequently were very good. Easy to talk to. Knowledgeable. A lot of times they steered me into talking my way into solutions to various hurdles along the way… rather than just reciting general facts. I like that. The techs were always nice and patient. Could tell the difference between who’s been here a while and who hasn’t, but that’s the case anywhere.”

“I was very unhappy with my performance at work due to my ADD.

Everyone has noticed a difference in how I perform at work and my attitude in general. I am not nearly as scattered as I used to be. My depression and anxiety have improved dramatically. I am much happier and content in general.

…trying Neurocore was my last hope. I wasn’t sure they would be able to help me. I cannot believe the change I have seen in myself. I would recommend this program to anyone and would do it again in a heartbeat! The staff is all incredibly helpful and pleasant.”

“Didn’t have control over my destiny, couldn’t do school whatsoever because I hated it, could not complete tasks to the degree I’d like.

I get stuff done, I can work 16 hour days, and concentrate very well. went from a C/D average in school to an all A average. Your staff is amazing. all fantastic people. Everyone was great and outgoing.”

“I used to have maybe four good hours a day. My life had become so small and isolated. Now I can get through the whole day without being totally exhausted physically, mentally, and emotionally. It has opened up the door to going back to work, not full time but still doing what I never thought I would do again. I feel like I have me back again. I can’t thank you enough.”

“To improve my cognitive functioning after head injury and ADHD I have had a lot of success since starting Neurocore…

I’m calmer – I can focus and read a book and less overwhelm with day to day activities. Staff was very supportive and knowledgeable.”

The views expressed above are the reviewers’ personal opinions after completing Neurocore’s 30-session program. Consumers should not expect to experience the same results, nor should they reduce or discontinue any medication without first consulting with their physician.

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