The views expressed below are the reviewers’ personal opinions after completing Neurocore’s 30-session program. Consumers should not expect to experience the same results, nor should they reduce or discontinue any medication without first consulting with their physician.

“Halfway through Neurocore, his teacher has noticed an improvement on his verbal responses and he’s getting more work done. YAY!

Ethan is now able to acknowledge and complete tasks the first time he is asked, if he chooses to…he’s still an 11-year-old boy. I no longer have to search for my child, who is hiding extremely well, before the school day starts because he is so anxious about “not getting it” at school. He smiles and laughs so much more now. I feel like I have my baby back!!”

“Neurocore was a perfect treatment choice for our son. Prior to coming, he was not able to focus on the task at hand or even sit at the dinner table and make it through dinner without getting up to go do something else.

Since starting Neurocore our son now can sit through dinner without leaving the table. He is now able to work on his homework independently without constant redirection.”

“My 7-year-old son struggled with two main issues, ADHD and sleep interruption…we decided to try Neurocore. He is more focused now and his teacher reported a significant improvement in behavior and his ability to focus and complete assignments after about the halfway mark.

I so appreciate this alternative to medicine. I was skeptical that this would work but am convinced that Neurocore made a huge difference for my son. Thank you to the great team at the West Bloomfield location!”

“My son was experiencing issues at school with possible ADD/ADHD, lack of focus, anxiety and impulse control. He was also exhibiting some anger at home and loved the word no. He often would yell or have meltdowns when getting home from school.

School has improved greatly. We still have some work to do but I am not getting text messages or phone calls from the teacher on a regular basis. He more often times comes home and says he had a good day.
There are some evenings at home when there are still meltdowns, however they are less frequent. His anger seems to be subsiding.

It was a long drive for us three times a week from Columbus in St Clair County, but I think it was worth it. I think my son thinks it was worth it as well.”

“We came to Neurocore to help our daughter with ADHD symptoms because we did not want her to take medication.

Our life and hers feel calmer and more controlled. It is a real commitment but worth the time you’ll spend here. We have seen a significant reduction in our daughters’ symptoms. She’s proud of herself and her accomplishment of completing this program.

Everyone here is professional and helpful. So glad this program was available to help my daughter.”

“We came here for our 8-year-old son, he was extremely impulsive, not listening, hitting, and running away at school. After multiple calls home from school and having to pick him up on 2 separate occasions, we knew we had to try something else. It was very quick and easy to schedule his evaluation and start treatment. Now his impulses are more normal for an 8-year-old boy, and school is going much better.

We are all much more calm, he is less impulsive, takes breathing breaks, and seems to have better control of his body.”

“My life has been different because now I don’t have to constantly remind him of things to do, and the meltdowns and tantrums have stopped.

The program works it takes a little time, but if you hang in there you will see results.”

“We mainly came to Neurocore to improve my son’s attention and his memory. I see he is more independent with his homework, more responsible and able to organize by himself with his school work. I believe taking Omega 3 and follow the recommendations Neurocore provides in the orange book, is very helpful to succeed.”

“My daughter was having issues with focusing and unexplained emotional breakdowns that was affecting her school and personal life.

My daughter is doing much better at school. Starting the program she was far behind where she was supposed to be for reading. Since starting Neurocore she has been slowly catching up to where she is supposed to be. Prior to Neurocore her mother and I were having a lot of difficulties getting her to work on homework with us. Though she still does not like it, she is able to get through it; which did not always occur before.

Also, prior to Neurocore, my daughter was having issues with emotional breakdowns. During these times she was almost unresponsive from minutes to an hour. She just wanted to cry. Basically, something would not go the way she wanted and she would break down. It was bad enough that when you asked her what was wrong she would say, “I don’t know”. Though these episodes are not gone, they are dramatically improved.”

“Josh was very hyper and had to always be moving. He was also highly impulsive and made poor choices without thinking of the consequences. He’s also had a very difficult time slowing down and falling asleep at night.

He has slowed down quite a bit and is more thoughtful about his choices. He does still experience impulsiveness but on a smaller scale.”

“My son Joey has ADHD, lacked focus, and was extremely impulsive before starting treatment here. He wasn’t interested in school, extracurricular activities, or having many friends. He really struggled in school and at home with focusing and behavior to the point where we just didn’t know what to do…..we had tried just about everything you could think of!

Omg, he is a totally different child with the personality we knew he had but just couldn’t use fully. He is actually interested in reading, does his homework without struggling/arguing, is playing more with kiddos and making lots more friends! His focus is lots sharper and thinks more before doing. This program has changed his life in a great way.

Don’t hesitate to get your child into this program if they have ADHD, have a hard time focusing, or have troubles being impulsive. You will not regret it and it is totally worth the money. Best thing you could possibly do for your child who struggles daily with ADHD.”

“We came to Neurocore for my daughter’s ADHD and difficulty focusing. After Neurocore, we saw improvement with her focus and with her ADHD symptoms! We would definitely recommend Neurocore!!!”

“We had focus and anxiety issues at home and at school. It was frustrating to all of us and affecting school.

He is better at focusing for longer and knows how to pull himself back in better when he starts to drift and daydream. We use the techniques he has learned together as a whole family.”

“ADHD was the primary concern we were dealing with, but anxiety & depression concerns were starting to be evident…We had seen TedTalks about brain scans and Neurofeedback and were excited by the potential.

We have a lot more hope for the future. We are seeing a significant improvement at home and are looking forward to stronger academic outcomes this upcoming school year. The atmosphere at home is calmer. My son is better able to control himself… We are confident that we have made the best possible choice for my son in choosing Neurocore…”

“Skyler is a very bright (Gifted) child who was not reaching his full potential due to ASD and most significantly ADHD. Because he is high functioning/gifted but at the same time severely ADHD, he was often misunderstood (which in turn led to him being mistreated and also confusion about proper placement and appropriate strategies to help him succeed in school). Plain and simple…nobody really knew what to do with him. Skyler suffered a lot of emotional distress over being bullied and mistreated for things that he simply could not control.

There are no words to explain how life-changing this was for us! The changes I am seeing at home are significant. Skyler would rarely sit in a seat for any length of time and would run repeatedly from one side of a room to another (almost like he was on some does of amphetamines). He no longer does that and has no problem to chill out and relax in a chair or on the couch! Now that school has begun, (with a new school, a fresh start)…I am getting such wonderful feedback from his teacher about his efforts and ability to focus!

I’m sure it goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway…my own personal stress has subsided due to the fact that I feel a peace and joy in my heart to see the changes in my son that I know are helping his overall wellness!

Ask questions! Communicate your concerns with the staff! They really do care and will go through every effort to meet your needs!”

“We seemed to have literally seen changes after the first treatment. Not sure if that is possible, but it sure seemed that way, even the school noticed and commented about how calm and focused he was lately. His teacher said it was the best week he had EVER had! We got our very first compliment out in public ever about his behavior which was really cool…”

The views expressed above are the reviewers’ personal opinions after completing Neurocore’s 30-session program. Consumers should not expect to experience the same results, nor should they reduce or discontinue any medication without first consulting with their physician.

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