The views expressed below are the personal views of the reviewer and are based on the reviewer’s experience with the completion of Neurocore’s 30-session program. Results will vary. Consumers should not expect to experience the same results.

“I’ve been suffering from depression, anxiety, and ADHD my whole life. Been on a lot of different medication and I just wanted to find a way to improve my mental health. I can see the changes in my anxiety and depression and ADHD. I can focus a lot better now and my depression is finally under control for the first time in years.

I’ve noticed a big improvement in my ADHD I can focus a lot more now. I can actually complete tasks now. Also a huge improvement with my depression. I don’t feel the dark cloud over me every day now and I also noticed my anxiety has improved a whole lot also. Everyone is very helpful and understanding and very informational”

Paige B.West Bloomfield Center

“I was going through a really challenging time in my life and my ADHD, anxiety, and depression were out of control. I did not feel like myself and I really needed help getting my mind and body back to a good balance. I feel a greater sense of hope and balance in my life. I feel that Neurocore has provided me with a lot of resources and support and I really needed that in my life.

I feel a greater sense of hope and balance in my life. I feel that Neurocore has provided me with a lot of resources and support and I really needed that in my life. Don’t hesitate to be honest with the things you are struggling with and to ask for help. The staff is focused on helping you in every area of your life. The more honest you are, the greater potential you have to heal.

Tracy is beyond amazing. She has done an excellent job explaining every step of the treatment process. She explained every step in such a clear and easy way to understand. Tracy is also really good at listening to my concerns and struggles with a non-judgmental and genuine concern for my well-being. She asks the hard questions and challenges me to improve the way that I think and to be kinder to myself. She has also provided me with additional resources such as recipes which has helped me greatly during this stage of my life, making it easier to incorporate healthy foods. I am very thankful for her support and encouragement!

The staff at Neurocore exceed every category. The staff went far above and beyond my expectations and my experiences receiving other health services. The staff always listened to my concerns and struggles with a non-judgmental and genuine concern for my well-being. The staff went above and beyond going out of their way to help me. They provided me with additional support and resources (e.g., allowed me to do a meditation in an open office before or after my sessions, provided me with plenty of exercise and nutritional resources, and helped me problem solve/provide many options to help me improve every section covered in the 30 day brain optimization book. I am beyond grateful for the genuine and kind support that Neurocore has provided me with throughout this very challenging time in my life. This program has allowed me to get closer back to a healthy balance in my life.”

AnonymousGrand Rapids Center

“I had high levels of stress and anxiety, on top of severe depression. I couldn’t seem to get out of the chronic funk I was in and couldn’t get rid of the negative black cloud that followed me everywhere. I had been looking for a job for 2 years, with no luck, which only put me in a more depressed state every time I didn’t get a job I interviewed for. I was screaming and snapping at people when things got to be too much for me, and nobody liked being around me.

I find myself singing, which I hadn’t done in a very long time. I am totally amazed at the turnaround of my life, thanks to Neurocore. Apparently, it has helped put a more positive cloud around me because I have gotten 3 jobs in the past month… Things don’t get to me as easily as they did before, and I am forever grateful! I also noticed my memory has improved, which is an awesome side benefit.

If you feel like your life is out of control, feel depressed, or just can’t find anything good going on in your life, Neurocore is exactly what you need. I feel like I’m much more in control of my emotions and my life.”

Sandi W.Grand Rapids Center

“I can fall asleep much easier now and my anxiety has decreased drastically. I have been able to make new friends very quickly now and I can think inside my head without having to talk out loud. My outlook on life has improved a ton too, I no longer lie in bed in the morning without the ability to move from my depression. I am significantly happier with my life now than I was before.

This is a great program that takes an equal amount of effort from the patient as well as the service providers. They are all very nice and helpful and make me feel welcome at their center. They know me by name and are skilled in carrying on conversations, which has helped me in my own interaction with others outside of the program!”

Kaleb W.Grandville Center

“I wanted to find a good way to treat depression and anxiety without medication. I do feel less anxious, less prone to panic, and I am starting to find it easier not to think negatively, or to keep myself from giving up on life. The Neurocore program itself was not that difficult. It can be very helpful, so it’s worth sticking through to the end.

I found the clinicians to be extremely helpful, friendly, and courteous. They listened well to my needs and concerns, and I felt that they truly cared about my wellbeing. They were more than willing to do what they could to help me achieve greater balance and overall health. I felt that I could comfortably conversate with them, and express my needs and concerns. I found Shelby to be particularly helpful, but every one of them made me feel welcome and cared for. It was a pleasure consulting with them.”

AnonymousGrand Rapids Center, December 2018

“I have always struggled with anxiety and depression…

I feel like I am finally in control of my own mind. I learned how to take a step back in situations and have time to process my emotions instead of exploding right away like I would before. I feel more comfortable at college in and out of the classroom. I’m able to actually sit down and get my work done, something that was nearly impossible for me to do before without an anxiety attack. My relationships with friends and family have improved and I am no longer anxious in social situations. Now, I’m able to go out, make new friends, and truly experience college without the fear of an unexpected anxiety attack.”

Ashley O.Grand Rapids Center

“I needed to make a step in the right direction when it came to my mental health…

I have a better understanding of my brain and where certain thoughts and feelings can come from. I’ve learned skills to deal with my anxiety and depression that will only help me in the future.

This program is more than just brain training. You learn valuable skills…You also learn how outside forces can affect your body and brain, and are given helpful advice on how to change for the better.

The technicians were always helpful in addressing my questions and concerns. They were great at teaching the breathing technique and provided assistance when I was struggling to get the hang of it.”

Hayley L.Sterling Heights Center

“My mood has significantly improved… I have more focus and energy….I can read without getting sleepy.

The program has made a significant positive impact on my life. I am more active and, have more energy, perform better at work, am more positive and optimistic. My relationships have improved as a result of all the improvements as I am able to spend more quality time with friends and family. I highly recommend the program. Also, the staff is awesome. Thank you!

Everyone on the staff was awesome…will miss seeing you on a regular basis.”

Stanley P.Grand Rapids Center

“My son was dealing with severe anxiety and depression… He had gone from a happy to sad kid. It broke my heart because he seemed so hopeless.

Our life is so much different now that he has completed the program. Within the first several sessions he begin to start opening up and talking more. His anxiety level kept dropping as sessions progressed. We also made some changes with diet and exercise, but I’m very impressed with how Neurocore has helped me to see glimpses of a happier kid.

I believe parents need to be a part of the process of healing. Don’t just expect this to be the end all. Learn how to understand what your child is experiencing, look at what Neurocore says about making better food choices and exercise, and be active in your child’s healing process. You’ll be amazed at the positive changes you’ll see. And, don’t forget to keep moving forward for progress. We saw a lot of advancement with Neurocore but now we are going to explore some additional treatment ideas now that my son is open to the idea of helping himself feel better!

Victoria, Alicia and Meghan made our experience well worth it. They are very caring and look out for us.”

Denise U.Palm Beach Gardens

The views expressed above are the personal views of the reviewer and are based on the reviewer’s experience with the completion of Neurocore’s 30-session program. Results will vary. Consumers should not expect to experience the same results.

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