The views expressed below are the reviewers’ personal opinions after completing Neurocore’s 30-session program. Consumers should not expect to experience the same results, nor should they reduce or discontinue any medication without first consulting with their physician.

“The reason I came to Neurocore was to address what I thought was a memory problem. After 30 sessions I now have a much better understanding of how much I do remember and with proper breathing, I can better deal with daily remember requirements. Along with proper diet and sleep.

After partaking in the Neurocore sessions, I have slowed down my breathing which has resulted in me (being able to) better deal with all the complex issues I confront daily.”

“I came to as a desperate attempt to diminish the effects of “chemo-brain,” following 2 years of neurologist appointments, with little recovery; this was following a 3-year breast cancer battle. I had memory loss, difficulty in finding the right words, confusion and severe fatigue along with anxiety and panic attacks, resulting from my lack of self-assurance.

Oh, my gosh!!! My life is different in SO many ways! …I still have some issues with finding the right words, but the fatigue is SO much better! Anxiety and panic attacks are a work in progress…not only from the chemo-brain effects, but also the physical effects of cancer…I struggle with feelings of others judging me. This area, though, is also MUCH improved as I have a stronger sense of self-assurance and confidence.

My initial exposure to Neurocore was the billboards, in the Grand Rapids area. I’d often wondered, between billboards and radio advertisements for the benefits geared towards kids with attention, memory and anxiety issues, if Neurocore could do ANYTHING to help me with my “chemo-brain. I’d guess it was a full year of wondering; then I heard an ad for a luncheon, at Gravity, to introduce people to the benefits of Neurocore. My fiance and I went to the luncheon…I KNEW I’d found the source to help me!!!!!! Shortly after that, I began the program…I felt changes in my self-esteem after the first several sessions. While feeling the changes is fantastic, seeing those improvements, spelled out in the physical reporting graphs is AMAZING!!! Truly…mind-blowing! I am SO thankful to everyone at Neurocore for having faith in me, supporting and encouraging me…I am forever grateful! I share my experience with anyone I can, from other cancer survivors to parents struggling with their kids or their own hurdles. THANK YOU, NEUROCORE!”

“At my age, my mother told me she knew something was wrong with her. She thought it may be Alzheimer’s but didn’t know what to do. I felt helpless as I watched her decline in just a few short years. I have been concerned about my own memory issues. Working with Neurocore has opened my mind to an awareness about this condition and I hope things will be different for me in my future.

The counseling was an unexpected bonus. I could bring up other issues and they would help me with coping skills or resources. That has been very helpful. Very happy with the entire staff. Everyone made me feel welcome and special.”

“My attention and lack of memory have been a large distraction in my everyday life. Making the simple day to day tasks hard to accomplish. I also had lacked energy which further complicated my daily struggles. Even though I feel like my symptoms have not completely dissolved, I feel like I had a good improvement. My attention and memory have improved along with my energy levels. I look forward to improving my life from this day forward in becoming healthier and reaching my full potential.

Be more proactive about this program by following the book and stick to goals outside of this program. I feel that I could have had better results if I were to review my goals more often and holding yourself more accountable. It’s important to set routines for yourself to eat healthier and exercise. All employees were professional and personable. Enjoyed coming to my appointments.”

“I was concerned about memory loss in light of my family history with Alzheimer’s. I found the Memory Boot Camp Program exceeded my expectations. I not only received neurofeedback, but comprehensive wellness counseling, vitamin supplements, and brain training exercises. I was counseled about good nutrition, regular exercise, proper breathing, meditation and other aspects of healthy living that strengthen the mind and the body, I think the overall program is an excellent brain and body tuneup.

I am eating and sleeping better, exercising more and using the Calm app to meditate regularly. I feel more focused and less anxious. My memory has improved and I have learned many new strategies for retaining names and other information. My performance on computer brain games increased dramatically. I feel like I had a long overdue tuneup.

For seniors who are worried about the loss of memory due to aging, I think this is an excellent program with multiple benefits. I recommend it highly and see absolutely no drawbacks. I have already told many friends and family members about it. I hope insurance companies will support it…

Staff was friendly, respectful and extremely professional. Carlos and others were all top notch and very positive.”

“I have ADHD, focus issues and have been having memory problems and sleep issues. I have become calmer overall due to learning to be conscious of my breathing and meditating more regularly. I have taken positive steps as the result of the program to improve my overall organizational skills and have become more conscious of creating systems that will improve my daily life. I have more joy and optimism.

To make this program work, one has to be consistent and follow through in doing the activities designed by Neurocore for a more successful outcome. I will miss the games that have enhanced my visual and auditory memory and the wonderful coaching received during each of my sessions.”

“I felt I wasn’t fulfilling my potential because of lack of ability to focus and poor memory and jumping from task to task without completing projects in a timely fashion. I’ve been able to grade papers more efficiently, creating much shorter term backlogs of work if any at all. I think my memory has improved somewhat as well. I’ve been able to complete more home improvement projects than in the past.”

“I originally brought my daughter to Neurocore for an assessment to help her with her mental focus and anxiety issues and quickly learned that I could benefit from the sessions as well! We’ve both completed all of our sessions together and have had great progress with the program!

I’m more aware of my coping mechanisms learned to help me handle stressful or high anxiety situations. I’ve also become more interested in learning about meditation and have a better appreciation for living a healthier lifestyle as it benefits us physically, mentally and emotionally!

I’ve challenged myself more as an individual since beginning Neurocore! I’ve learned to focus on one thing at a time which has helped improve my communication and my memory! I’ve participated on an interview panel at work as well as chaperoned my daughter to her 8th-grade dance; all of which I would have never done before Neurocore!

All of the staff at Neurocore have been professional and knowledgeable and very friendly and welcoming to me and my daughter! We will definitely miss some of our relationships created while attending Neurocore and wish everyone the best!”

“I definitely have a memory improvement, increase in confidence, improve sleep, lowered anxiety, improved ability to handle stress. I think I’m a little bit better at decision-making.”

“Family history of short-term memory issues and I myself was starting to experience difficulty remembering names. At this point, I have memorized 96 of the words given to me to memorize. It is my desire to be able to memorize Scripture verses and the workers here have been helping me with that as well. I didn’t think I would ever be able to do that anymore at my age.

All of the employees here are very knowledgeable and are eager to answer all of my questions of which I have had many having been a registered nurse. Everyone has been very easy to work with and have made me feel Important and comfortable at every visit.”

“I came to Neurocore because I was having many episodes of lack of memory, I couldn’t retain information very well. Odd memory lapses were occurring even while performing tasks I’ve done thousands of times. My job requires me to remember procedures on everything we do at work and to be able to switch gears when there is a procedural change. This got increasingly difficult and frustrating I literally felt like I was losing my mind. I learned here I was more stressed than I realized and the breathing technique has helped a lot, as well as being able to control my hot temper a lot better.

Some stated above. The breathing technique has helped a lot in keeping my hot temper down. I feel I can definitely focus more at work and home. Better at work than home, probably due to structure lack of structure at home. I also feel like I can better back away from a situation and see the big picture clearer.

I feel blessed that I happen to be just about in tears one day when I heard a commercial on the radio about Neurocore. I immediately pulled the car over and called and talked to Kacie…I cannot say enough good things about Neurocore. Everyone is unique in their personalities which I love, obviously not scripted, care has been based on my individual needs or concerns. Everyone is friendly, professional and knowledgeable.”

“I came to Neurocore to do the Memory Boot Camp to help with memory, focus, and anxiety. I’m much more focused. I handle situations calmly that would have stressed me out before. Strategies to help with memory are very useful. The Neurocore experience could not have been better. I’ve been told by family members that they can see a difference in my ability to focus. Talking about diet has been very helpful, too, and I believe changing my eating habits has made a difference. The time commitment to the program was not a problem and I looked forward to my visits.

The views expressed above are the reviewers’ personal opinions after completing Neurocore’s 30-session program. Consumers should not expect to experience the same results, nor should they reduce or discontinue any medication without first consulting with their physician.

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