The views expressed below are the personal views of the reviewer and are based on the reviewer’s experience with the completion of Neurocore’s 30-session program. Results will vary. Consumers should not expect to experience the same results.

“Our son had a lot of issues with impulse control, defiance, lack of focus, and attention. It was beginning to affect our daily lives so much that we didn’t know how else to help him as we tried so many other alternatives. Life is much better, our son still struggles but when he chooses to implement the techniques taught to him he is able to function well within the family setting, as well as the public settings which he struggled with previously. The clinicians went above and beyond to help us implement our sons’ program. The Neurocore team was very friendly and they make it easy to fit the appointments into an already busy schedule.”

AnonymousGrand Rapids Center

“Nicholas has learned how to control his breathing. He is using his techniques that he has learned at Neurocore at school.”

Patsy Q.Grand Rapids Center

“My son had high ADHD, anxiety, and stress. Now…he is doing well in school thanks to this program. My husband and I are having a totally different life than we had before…

My son was happy with the results he obtained and was overall greatly happy with the service.”

AnonymousWest Bloomfield Center

“We have exhausted our other options, and my son was still struggling. After failing 2 sessions of summer school, and having to repeat 7th grade, we had to try something different.

He is able to multi-task now. He is getting to his homework with less prompting. I see him being more confident in doing his homework without help. Last year, we had a tutor for at least one hour every school day, This year only 2 hours per week. We have less combativeness in general.”

AnonymousGrandville Center

“I always had a hard time focusing and keeping with a plan in my personal and school life.

I feel like I have the skills and knowledge to be a productive person. Even though I inevitably get distracted sometimes, it doesn’t control me anymore.”

Anthony A.Holland Center

“Our 11 YO daughter has been struggling at school, behind her grade level since kindergarten. She has had any number of support systems in place, and motivating her to stay focused and on task was a challenge. Remind her of homework or encouraging her to prepare for tests usually ended in frustration and resistance.

Since early on in the program Minna has been more responsive to questions. Answering them without delay. Previously I always suspected she was trying to determine how to answer the question, even yes, no questions. As if the answer might make me upset or I might ask her a follow-up question. She seemed to dread answering anything. The delay in response was frustrating. Now, there is very little delay. She has recently been self-motivated to study and prepare for classes. She takes advantage of time she has to get her work done, before playing instead of procrastinating. She is reading more on her own and she does not seem to be generally frustrated with life or getting things done.”

AnonymousWest Bloomfield Center

“He was struggling in school with focus and staying on task at the end of 6th grade. He also struggled with impulsivity which was causing him not to make good choices. I had to keep him home from school several days at the end of the school year because he was making such poor choices

He is doing much better in school now in fact after his first treatment he said that he felt normal for the first time. Also, he missed a few weeks of treatment due to vacation and illness and the emails from teachers started again about him making poor choices and having a difficult time staying on task which had not been an issue all year.”

AnonymousLivonia Center

The views expressed above are the personal views of the reviewer and are based on the reviewer’s experience with the completion of Neurocore’s 30-session program. Results will vary. Consumers should not expect to experience the same results.

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