Brain Diagnostics

How well is your brain working? Using advanced qEEG technology, we find out. Sensors are attached to record your brain’s electrical activity. We analyze the data to identify the sources of your symptoms and develop a program focused on your challenge. We build your profile through a variety of methods:

Brain Performance Training

At a Neurocore Brain Performance Center, our 45-minute neurofeedback and biofeedback sessions take advantage of your brain’s ability to change – its neuroplasticity. With neurofeedback, you watch a movie that plays when your brain speed is within the therapeutic range. When it goes out of range, the movie pauses, which tells you that something is out of balance. During the 30-session program, your brain learns how to stop spiking out of range, and brain function improves. With biofeedback, you learn to breathe deeper and slower to maximize your heart function, allowing proper blood and oxygen flow.


“I have noticed that my mental, emotional, and physical health has made a HUGE improvement. Neurocore has made a positive impact on my life and I am very satisfied with my results. I am doing very well in school and my social life has expanded making new friendships and relationships with others.”

Katherine M.Grandville Center, October 2017

“My primary reason for coming to Neurocore was feeling overwhelmed with not being able to complete tasks, and feeling that I was always falling behind. I have pretty significant ADD, and prioritizing important tasks is very difficult for me. I am a working professional, and independent contractor, and I own and operate my own therapy business. I struggled with completing even the daily tasks like finishing my dishes and laundry and coping with feelings of low self-esteem because I couldn’t keep up.

I used to have constant daily anxiety, and a constant nervous energy. Now, I feel the beginnings of anxiety, I take a deep breath, and it abates. I have a bigger capacity to recognize when an external event, person, or location is increasing my anxiety. I also have a bigger capacity for dealing with those stressful situations. I may not necessarily be better at prioritizing tasks as far as work comes, but I do find that my quality of life is much greater than when I first started Neurocore. I feel better about myself as a person, and have more compassion toward myself when I am feeling stressed. I am better at taking a break when I need one, and much better at self care.”

Joan S.Livonia Center, September 2017

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