First, we identify real causes. 
Then we train the brain to fix them.

When you come to one of our Brain Performance Centers, you’ll experience a program based on your individual brain data.
It’s safe, easy, and painless—with no side effects and no medication.

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Brain Diagnostics

How well is your brain working? Using advanced qEEG technology, we find out. Sensors are attached to record your brain’s electrical activity. We analyze the data to identify the sources of your symptoms and develop a program focused on your challenge. We build your profile through a variety of methods:

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Brain Performance Training

At a Neurocore Brain Performance Center, our 45-minute neurofeedback and biofeedback sessions take advantage of your brain’s ability to change – its neuroplasticity. With neurofeedback, you watch a movie that plays when your brain speed is within the therapeutic range. When it goes out of range, the movie pauses, which tells you that something is out of balance. During the 30-session program, your brain learns how to stop spiking out of range, and brain function improves. With biofeedback, you learn to breathe deeper and slower to maximize your heart function, allowing proper blood and oxygen flow.

Lasting Results

As you progress through the 90-day program and you optimize your brain activity, your symptoms recede. 

  • Thousands of children and adults have used our services for lasting improvements.
  • 81% of children who come to us on ADHD meds and complete our program are able to reduce or eliminate their use of medications upon program completion*.
  • One study shows, neurofeedback may increase IQ by 12 points.

*Results of one research study done in collaboration with a major Midwest insurance company.

Our Stories

Changing my brain changed my life. 

Cindy D. - Bloomfield Hills Center, February 2017

"My daughter was unable to complete work at school without the help of the teacher. She had issues with getting along with her peers and lying/stealing in school.

She can now work more independently in the classroom. She doesn't have the issues with her peers as she has in the last couple years also. She seems to be able to resolve conflict more efficiently. Jacki and Natasha were great, wonderful to talk to and get ideas for dealing with Abby's issues. Ryan and Peggy are great also, so friendly!"

Anonymous - Holland Center, February 2017

"My anxiety, depression and insomnia were at a place where I felt I couldn't handle it all on my own and needed some professional help. My parents came to me with the suggestion and I was a bit uneasy and skeptical at first but overtime I really have come to enjoy the Neurocore program. I liked meeting with the social workers here and learning practical strategies of how to deal with my symptoms. When I've gone to counseling in the past, I seem to always get textbook answers from the therapist or things I could've easily found online. I appreciated that at Neurocore I was given helpful suggestions for activities to try and resources that might be helpful to me (breathing, meditation apps, blue light for energy level).

As an AP Psychology student, I really enjoyed Neurocore from an educational standpoint as well. I recognized terms they used so that was cool to me. I even realized overtime that the program was "operant conditioning" which was a part of the unit we were learning in school at the time. Although I haven't noticed significant changes in my anxiety and stress levels I'm glad I came to Neurocore because it gave me a few hours every week where I could just relax and focus on my breathing as opposed to stressing out over tests, homework, etc. My sleep/energy level has improved tremendously with the help of medication, blue light and the suggestion to regularly exercise which has helped my anxiety as well."

Leslie S. - Grandville Center, February 2017

"Our daughter was struggling with daily routines and focusing at school. She also was also up multiple times a night and was tired almost daily, which led to her inability to focus at school.

Kenleigh is able to sleep through the night, I feel she is finally getting good rest. Her days at school aren't as difficult as they were, she still has days that are harder but overall she is doing much better. We started to see a real difference after her 20-22nd session and the last couple weeks have been great. We did make some changes to her diet which was a huge part of the educational aspect of the book. I believe adding and removing certain things were also a huge help.

A note on medication, Kenleigh was on the smallest dose possible and we decided not to wean her from it right away because it helps her get through the day. Maybe as she gets older and completes more Neurocore training we may, however the information on how to and the follow up was outstanding.

My husband and I are always impressed with the friendliness of everyone in the office! I was also impressed with the insurance billing reaching out to me and providing a refund when our insurance came into network."

Kirsten H. - Sterling Heights Center, February 2017

"I have experience a traumatic life experience that I am still currently going through. I have had depression/anxiety and focus issues and nothing seemed to help.

I do not feel the fight or flight feeling associated with my high stress life day-to-day situation. I am able to drink in moderation, sleep better, take time to think about my actions and words before they happen and change them if need be. 

The Sterling Heights staff was great about service and if I ever needed to be put in touch with corporate scheduling they were pleasant and very efficient. Neurocore has the ability to manage stress in ways that no other methodology can do. Stress is a huge part of chronic disease and inflammation in the body. It is the treatment to target the root cause and has the potential to change this countries' mental health epidemic :) <3 My PTSD from abuse has been relieved in a way that traditional talk therapy can't do, and I am so grateful for this experience. The money is worth the investment because it's going to help me be a better mother, coworker, friend, daughter and woman all around. THANK YOU for giving me my life back!"

Anonymous - Grand Rapids Center, February 2017

" I am an addict and did not want to take ADHD meds so this was a great way to alleviate my symptoms. Sleep better, have less anxiety and stress. Better task completion and initiation. Less of a pull towards my addictions is a HUGE surprise benefit!"

Anonymous - Bloomfield Hills Center, February 2017

"I felt that I could use some assistance focusing more in this multitasking world that we find ourselves in. [Life after Neurocore] I feel as though I maintain focus a lot better than I did prior to admission into the program. The Bloomfield Hills staff is OUTSTANDING and the program feels to me like a miracle worker in terms of increased focus and anxiety elimination. If you plan to do this program, it is a MUST that you meet the Bloomfield staff."

Charles C. - Bloomfield Hills Center, January 2017

"I suffered from anxiety for more than half of my life. Everyday I lived with the fear of anxiety driven panic attacks.

I no longer fear the onset of a panic attack. What is better is I no longer think I will even have a panic attack.

At first I was extremely skeptical of the treatment I was receiving and really only continued with it out of desperation. Other treatments such as medication only worked for so long and came with side effects associated with various medications. When I heard about Neurocore on the radio I thought for sure it would be a placebo effect or simply not work at all. I jokingly called it Neurocore voodoo... I called and am now so glad I did. I can honestly say I have a different outlook on my life. My fears have diminished or are gone completely. Most people have no idea what life is like with the fears I had and today I can say that I'm starting to feel "normal"... No more fear!

The staff at the [Bloomfield Hills] location exceeded my expectation in every way. I can't say enough good things about them all. Very talented, caring, supportive and everyone seems to have a real passion for what they do. I wouldn't be where I'm at today without them. I thank them all!"


  • The smiles got bigger, and you started to hear more laughter in the house. I’ve been more confident in myself, and I have less anxiety.
    Mebert Family
  • There’s a tremendous hope for him. We’ve seen so much progress.
  • This process has been life changing. Now I can create from a place of rest and calm.
    Rob Bell
  • It was the most peaceful I’ve felt on the golf course in years.
    Tracy Hanson
  • Neurocore helped me take my game to the next level.
    Kirk Cousins
  • Immediately, we could tell the difference. Once we saw the effects of Neurocore, it was just phenomenal.
    Beamon Family
  • It was the answer to our search for alternatives to synthetic drugs.
    Bailey Family
  • I have a 3.9 GPA in college, without medications.
  • For families, there’s another way, and it’s not medication. Neurocore helped me find my focus.
    Chris Kaman
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