Neurocore may help with the Symptoms of Autism

Many children who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) also experience symptoms associated with ADHD and anxiety. At Neurocore, we analyze the brain to understand if the child is experiencing ADHD or anxiety-like symptoms and create a customized program to help address these symptoms.


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We recognize that every child is unique, and our diagnosis identifies why your child is experiencing his or her specific behaviors. Our innovative treatment program features the best in applied neuroscience. We work with a child’s natural ability to learn, helping them reach their full potential.

Don’t mistake ASD for ADHD

Children with less severe ASD may sometimes be misdiagnosed with ADHD because of similar observed behaviors. It is estimated that ADHD symptoms may co-occur for between 30-50% of children on the ASD scale. They might be given a stimulant medication to improve attentiveness and reduce disruptiveness and hyperactivity. However, the stimulant medication prescribed may sometimes increase anxious behaviors; this may be particularly problematic, considering the high degree of co-occurrence of anxiety in children with ASD (almost 40% in a recent meta-analysis).

Currently there is no cure for ASD, but associated symptoms, including possible co-occurring ADHD or anxiety, may be reduced through Neurocore’s program. First, we use advanced qEEG technology to identify what brain activity is behind the symptoms. Next, we use multiple neurofeedback sessions to train the brain to self-regulate and optimize its performance, resulting in a more calm and focused state.



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